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New South Welshmen

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    • found: Work cat.: Murray, Les A. New selected poems, 2014.
    • found: Murray, Les A. Conscious and verbal, 1999:p. 4 of cover (grew up on a dairy farm at Bunyah on the north coast of New South Wales)
    • found: Les Murray website, Jan. 13, 2016:A brief biography (Leslie Allan Murray was born in 1938 in Nabiac, a village on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and spent his childhood and youth on his father's dairy farm nearby; Until 1988 he lived chiefly in Sydney; from that year on he has made his home on a small farm just a few miles from where he spent his boyhood. His volume of poems The Idyll Wheel reflects his sense of joyful renewal at this return to his rural roots)
    • found: Dickson, P. Labels for locals, 2006(New South Wales, Australia: New South Welshman as well as Cornstalk, according to Australian folklorist Bill Scott. The latter should be used with caution)
    • found: Macquarie dictionary online, Jan. 13, 2016(New South Welshman: someone who was born in NSW, or has come to regard it as his or her home)
    • found: Wanna, John. The ayes have it : the history of the Queensland Parliament, 1957-1989, 2010:p. 392 (New South Welshpeople)
    • found: Jopson, Debra. Origin of the species: what a state we're in, in The Sydney morning herald, May 23, 2012, viewed online Jan. 13, 2016("It's a clunky name, but the people of NSW should be grateful that the very colonial moniker given their state makes it almost impossible to herd them into one descriptor, such as 'Territorians' or 'Queenslanders'. 'New South Welshmen' excludes half the population and 'New South Welshpeople' is so awful that even the most provincially minded spin-meisters shy away from it, so it remains a term used mainly in jest. ... You are not likely to find any female athlete called a 'New South Welshwoman'. Plug that phrase into Google and the search engine revolts, throwing up references to 'New South Welshman'.")
    • found: Kusher, Cameron. New South Welshmen leaving the state in droves, heading to Queensland and Western Australia, in CoreLogic RP Data research blog, Apr. 5, 2013, viewed online Jan. 13, 2016(18,448 more residents left New South Wales than arrived over the year; most overseas migrants to Australia have initially settled in either New South Wales or Victoria and based on this you can assume they tend to settle in Sydney or Melbourne)
    • found: The origin of the term 'cockroach', via ABC Far North Queensland website, 13 June, 2012, viewed on Jan. 13, 2016(Why do Queenslanders call New South Welshmen 'cockroaches'? One night in Sydney former Queensland coach Barry Muir sat down to watch the news on a dodgy TV. It was the mid-1970s and Muir had tuned in to catch a glimpse of a report on the New South Wales side. The story showed and as the player's faces showed up on the screen, Muir noted the 'cockroach-like' antennas protruding from their heads above the rickety old TV set. The image stayed in Muir's head and at Queensland's next training session he detailed his plan to beat 'the cockroaches' to the press and the phrase was born.)
    • found: Google search, Jan. 13, 2016("New South Welsh": 7,900 results; "New South Welshman": 32,600 results; "New South Welshmen": 27,300 results; "New South Welshwoman": 940 results; "New South Welshwomen": 158 results; "New South Welshpeople": 438 results)
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