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    • found: Work cat.: Coolidge, Rita. Delta lady : a memoir, 2016:p. 4 of cover (two-time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter; one of the most sought-after rock vocalists in LA in the 1970s; began her music career in Memphis before moving to Los Angeles, where she became one of the most sought-after backup singers in the business; signed to A&M Records as a solo artist in 1971, she released more than a dozen albums in the years that followed)
    • found: Macmillan dictionary online, Jan. 14, 2016(singer: someone who sings, especially someone who sings well or as a job)
    • found: Collins English dictionary online, Jan. 14, 2016(singer 1. a person who sings, esp one who earns a living by singing 2. a singing bird 3. an obsolete word for poet. Synonyms: vocalist, divo, diva, crooner, minstrel, soloist, cantor, troubadour, chorister, chanteuse, balladeer, songster or songstress; vocalist: a singer, esp one who regularly appears with a jazz band or pop group)
    • found: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Jan. 15, 2016(Singer (amuse. & rec.; motion picture; radio-tv broad.). Sings as soloist or member of vocal ensemble: Interprets music, using knowledge of harmony, melody, rhythm, and voice production, to present characterization or to achieve individual style of vocal delivery. Sings, following printed text and musical notation, or memorizes score. May sing a cappella or with musical accompaniment. May be known according to voice range as soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, or bass. May specialize in one type of music, such as opera, lieder, choral, gospel, folk, or country and western and be identified according to specialty.)
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