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Conductors (Music)

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    • Band leaders
    • Bandleaders
    • Maestri (Conductors)
    • Maestros (Conductors)
    • Music conductors
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Primatic, Stephen. Percussion methods : an essential resource for educators, conductors, and students, 2015.
    • found: LCSH, Jan. 19, 2016(Conductors (Music). UF Music conductors, Music directors. BT Musicians. NT Band directors, Bandmasters, Choral conductors)
    • found: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Jan. 19, 2016(Conductor, Orchestra (profess. & kin.). Alternate titles: band leader; director, music; orchestra leader. May be designated according to specialization as Conductor, Dance Band (profess. & kin.); Conductor, Symphonic-Orchestra (profess. & kin.). ONET crosswalk: Music Directors)
    • found: ONET - Occupational Information Network, Jan. 19, 2016(Music Directors. Direct and conduct instrumental or vocal performances by musical groups, such as orchestras or choirs.)
    • found: Art & architecture thesaurus online, Jan. 19, 2016(conductors (musicians). Persons who conduct an orchestra, chorus, or other group of musical performers. BT musicians. NT bandmasters; choirmasters; precentors)
    • found:, Jan. 19, 2016(Conductor. Alternate Career Titles: Chief Conductor, Principle Conductor, Maestro, Music Director. Career Overview: Conductors lead orchestras, operas, and other musical ensembles during live performances.)
    • found: McManus, Drew. 2013 compensation reports: music directors, via Adaptistration website, Jan. 19, 2016(some music directors receive separate payments for duties associated with their position. For example, for several fiscal years the Seattle Symphony Orchestra paid Gerard Schwarz via two separate private contractor listings: once for music director duties and the other for principal conducting duties. At the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, when Daniel Barenboim was with the organization, he was often paid separately for services music director and then again as conductor and soloist)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Jan. 19, 2016(maestro, plural maestros or maestri: a master usually in an art; especially : an eminent composer, conductor, or teacher of music)
    • found: Cambridge dictionaries online, Jan. 19, 2016(maestro (plural maestros): a person who is very skilled at conducting (= directing the performance of music) or writing music)
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