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    • Actresses
    • Impersonators (Actors)
    • Mummers (Actors)
    • Play actors
    • Players (Actors)
    • Stage actors
    • Thespians
    • Thesps
    • Troupers (Actors)
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    • found: Work cat.: Coyote, Peter. Rainman's third cure, 2015:pp. 206-207 (Realizing that even the best actors could have "a bad year" I decided to allow myself five years before I made my final decision about the viability of acting as a career.) LC CIP (subj. hdgs.: 1. Coyote, Peter. 2. Actors--United States--Biography)
    • found: Gish, Lillian. An actor's life for me!, 1987:p. 2 (From the time I was six and Doatsie [her sister Dorothy] just four and a half, we were child actors) p. 11 (actresses) p. 13 (Mother, Doatsie, and I all became play actors in the same year--1902) p. 21 (female player; actors) p. 51 (child players) p. 56 (actors and all artists) p. 74 (she has appeared in over a hundred films and fifty plays)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Feb. 5, 2016(actor: a person who acts in a play, movie, etc. Synonyms: impersonator, mummer, player, thesp, thespian, trouper. Related words: barnstormer, enactor, entertainer, performer; actress, starlet; lead, leading lady, leading man, star; coactor, costar; extra, spear-carrier, supernumerary, walk-on; monologuist (or monologist); prima donna, scene-stealer; double, understudy; comedian, farceur; tragedian, tragedienne; ape, aper, ham, imitator, impressionist, masker, masquerader, mime, mimic, pantomime, pantomimist, personator, poser; buffoon, clown, harlequin, stooge, zany; actress: a woman or girl who acts in a play, movie, etc.: a female actor; mummer 1. a performer in a pantomime; broadly: actor; player: one that plays: as a) a person who plays a game b) musician c) actor; thespian noun: actor; thesp: actor; trouper 1. a member of a troupe; especially: actor)
    • found: Simkins, Michael. The rules of acting : how to survive and thrive in the world of hams, luvvies, thesps, turns, twirlies, hoofers and West-End wendies ..., 2013.
    • found: 2001578268: Basom, Jonas. The drama game file : a comprehensive collection of drama games for teachers and thespians, c2000.
    • found: 22003307: Pearson, Hesketh. Modern men and mummers, ©1922(subj. hdg.: Actors--Great Britain--Biography)
    • found: 84209702: Douglass, Albert. Memories of mummers and the old Standard Theatre, [1924?]
    • found: 2014010574: The Cambridge encyclopedia of stage actors and acting, 2015.
    • found: 2003003859: Hischak, Thomas S. Enter the players : New York stage actors in the twentieth century, 2003.
    • found: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Feb. 5, 2016(Actor (amuse. & rec.). Portrays role in dramatic production to interpret character or present characterization to audience: Rehearses part to learn lines and cues as directed. Interprets serious or comic role by speech, gesture, and body movement to entertain or inform audience for stage, motion picture, television, radio, or other media production. May write or adapt own material. May dance and sing. May direct self and others in production [Director, Motion Picture (motion picture); Director, Stage (amuse. & rec.)]. May read from script or book, utilizing minimum number of stage properties and relying mainly on changes of voice and inflection to hold audience's attention and be designated Dramatic Reader (amuse. & rec.). May be designated according to gender of worker or type of role portrayed as Actress (amuse. & rec.); Character Actor (amuse. & rec.); Character Actress (amuse. & rec.); Ingenue (amuse. & rec.); Juvenile (amuse. & rec.).)
    • found: ONET - Occupational Information Network, via WWW, Feb. 5, 2016(Actors and Performers. Perform dramatic roles, comedic routines, or tricks of illusion to entertain audiences.)
    • found: LCSH, Feb. 5, 2016(Actors. BT Artists. Here are entered general works on both male and female actors collectively, works on both male and female stage actors collectively and works on individual male and female stage actors. Works on male actors collectively are entered under Male actors. Works on female actors collectively are entered under Actresses. Works on actors, collectively or individually, specializing in particular media are entered under the appropriate specific heading, e.g. Television actors and actresses, with an additional heading Male actors or Actresses, assigned as appropriate to works of collective biography.)
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