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Historians of science

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    • Science historians
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    • found: Work cat.: Brock, Emily K. Money trees, 2015:p. 4 of cover (Emily K. Brock is a historian of science and environment; now lives in Berlin, Germany, where she is a research scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
    • found: Encyclopædia Britannica online, Feb. 28, 2016(in article Historiography, under History of science: The history of all the branches of learning has always been a part of intellectual history, but the history of science has had a peculiarly tense relationship with it, and with history more generally. Although much history of science has been written by practicing scientists, it is almost never formally taught in science departments. It is now mostly treated as autonomous, but in some cases historians of science have been included in history faculties. Even though their relationships with other historians may be distant (though cordial), the study of the history of science is in many ways analogous to the study of other aspects of the past.)
    • found: History of Science Society website, Feb. 28, 2016:About HSS > History of the Society (The Society is an international organization with nearly one third of its individual members residing outside of the United States. It also represents North American historians of science in various ways: it fosters cooperation with government agencies and private foundations concerned with science and the role of science in society both directly and through affiliation with the American Council of Learned Societies and the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and its members serve on the U.S. National Committee of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science)
    • found: OCLC, Feb. 26, 2016(titles: Joseph Priestley as an historian of science; Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1832-1901) historian of science and bibliophile; Biographical notices of historians of science; The advent of printing : historians of science respond to Elizabeth Eisenstein's The printing press as an agent of change; Directory, historians of American science; John Dalton and the progress of science : papers presented to a conference of historians of science held in Manchester, September 19-24, 1966 to mark the bicentenary of Dalton's birth; The work of Tadeusz Ventulani as viewed by a science historian)
    • found: LCSH, Feb. 26, 2016(Historians of science. UF Science historians. BT Historians)
    • found: Google search, Feb. 26, 2016(357,000 results for "historians of science"; 25,300 results for "science historians")
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