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Cell biologists

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    • Cytologists
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    • found: Work cat.: Finlay, Graeme. Human evolution, 2013:p. x ("To me, as a cell biologist")
    • found: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Mar. 8, 2016(Cytologist. Studies plant and animal cells: Selects and sections minute particles of animal or plant tissue for microscopic study, using microtome and other equipment and employs stain techniques to make cell structures visible or to differentiate parts: Studies parts of cells and details of cell division into new cells, using microscope. Analyzes cells concerned with reproduction, and means by which chromosomes divide or unite. Studies formation of sperm and eggs in animal sex glands and origin of blood and tissue cells. Conducts research in physiology of unicellular organisms, such as protozoa, to ascertain physical and chemical factors involved in growth. Studies influence of physical and chemical factors upon malignant and normal cells. Evaluates exfoliated, asperated, or abraded cells to assess hormonal status and presence of atypical or malignant changes. May be designated according to specialty as Animal Cytologist; Plant Cytologist)
    • found: ONET : Occupational Information Network, via WWW, Mar. 8, 2016(Physiologists and Cytologists. Definition: Research or study cellular structure and functions, or organ system functions, of plants and animals)
    • found: Become a cell biologist : education and career roadmap, via website, Mar. 8, 2016(Cell biologists study life at the cellular level. They analyze either organisms that can usually only be seen with a microscope or single cells of more complex organisms. They can work for government agencies or for private companies. Some cell biologists may help create vaccines or work with food and cosmetic manufacturers)
    • found: ASCB [American Society for Cell Biology] website, Mar. 8, 2016:about us (ASCB is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life) awards/prizes (Young UK Cell Biologist) search for "cell biologists" (nine articles, including: Three cell biologists win ASCB-Gibco Emerging Leader Prizes; What cell biologists can learn from Google cars; From skin cells to stem cells, pioneer researcher Elaine Fuchs wins cell biologists' highest honor; LEGO Lab proposal has exciting possibilities for cell biologists) search for "cytologists" (0 results)
    • found: Google search, Mar. 8, 2016(82,900 results for "cytologists"; 149,000 results for "cell biologists")
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