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Midlanders (England)

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    • found: Work cat.: Four Middle English romances: Sir Isumbras, Octavian, Sir Eglamour of Artois, Sir Tryamour, 2006:p. 1 (all were composed in the northeast Midlands in the fifty years between 1325 and 1375)
    • found: Collins English dictionary, via WWW, May 16, 2016(Midlander noun: a native or inhabitant of the Midlands of England)
    • found: Wiktionary, May 16, 2016(Midlander ‎(plural Midlanders): A native or inhabitant of the British Midlands; Midlander ‎(plural Midlanders): A native or inhabitant of the city of Midland, Texas)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, May 16, 2016(midland 1: the interior or central region of a country. 2 capitalized a: the dialect of English spoken in the midland counties of England; b: the dialect of English spoken in an area of the east central United States often divided into north Midland extending westward from an area including southern New Jersey; northern Delaware and Maryland; central and southern Pennsylvania; and central Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois and south Midland extending westward and southwestward from an area including the Appalachian regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia; Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia; and southern Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Derivative: Midlander noun)
    • found: 74174909: Tann, William. Midlanders who made history, c1973-(subj. hdg.: Midlands (England)--Biography--Juvenile literature.)
    • notfound: Dickson, P. Labels for locals, 2006 (no listing for British Midlands, but does include: Midland, Texas: Midlander); - Demonyms of the United Kingdom, via WWW, May 16, 2016
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