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    • Emcees (Rap musicians)
    • Hip-hop musicians
    • M.C.s (Rap musicians)
    • MCs (Rap musicians)
    • Rap musicians
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: DMC (Musician). Ten ways not to commit suicide : a memoir, 2016:title page (Darryl "DMC" McDaniels) front flap (legendary rapper; one of the founding members of the celebrated and influential rap group Run-DMC)
    • found: LCSH, Nov. 10, 2016(Rap musicians. UF MCs (Rap musicians); Rappers. BT Musicians)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Nov. 10, 2016(rapper: a person who performs rap music or speaks the words of a rap song)
    • found: Oxford dictionaries website, Nov. 10, 2016(rapper: A person who performs rap music)
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    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 10, 2016(under Rapping: In the late 1970s, the term Emcee, MC or M.C. became an alternative title for a rapper, and for their role within hip-hop music and culture. An MC uses rhyming verses, pre-written or ad lib ('freestyled'), to introduce the DJ with whom they work, to keep the crowd entertained or to glorify themselves. As hip hop progressed, the title MC acquired backronyms such as 'mike chanter', 'microphone controller', 'microphone checker', 'music commentator', and one who 'moves the crowd'. Some use this word interchangeably with the term rapper, while for others the term denotes a superior level of skill and connection to the wider culture.) MC can often be used as a term of distinction, referring to an artist with good performance skills)
    • found: The rap dictionary website, Nov. 10, 2016(MC (or Emcee): a skilled rapper. True MCs use skills that are often ingnored in hip hop today. These skills include wordplay / punchlines, metaphors, similies, multis, flow and switch ups)
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    • notfound: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Nov. 10, 2016 (Dust collector-treater (smelt. & refin.); alternate titles: rapper)
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