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    • found: Work cat.: Horikoshi, Kōki. Extremophiles, 2016:p. ix (to a microbiologist, the words "culture" and "medium" have more than one meaning, and perhaps it was this that prompted a new idea in my mind)
    • found: Koki Horikoshi obituary, via International Society for Extremophiles website, Nov. 17, 2016(Professor Koki Horikoshi, 1932-2016; we have lost a pioneer of extremophiles research and a great microbiologist)
    • found: LCSH, Nov. 17, 2016(Microbiologists. BT Biologists)
    • found: Dictionary of occupational titles, via WWW, Nov. 17, 2016(Microbiologist (profess. & kin.); alternate titles: bacteriologist. Studies growth, structure, development, and general characteristics of bacteria and other micro-organisms: Isolates and makes cultures of significant bacteria or other micro-organisms in prescribed or standard inhibitory media, controlling factors, such as moisture, aeration, temperature, and nutrition. Identifies micro-organisms by microscopic examination of physiological, morphological, and cultural characteristics. Observes action of micro-organisms upon living tissues of plants, higher animals, and other micro-organisms and on dead organic matter. Makes chemical analyses of substances, such as acids, alcohols, and enzymes, produced by bacteria and other micro-organisms on organic matter. May specialize in study of viruses and rickettsiae and be designated Virologist (profess. & kin.). May specialize in particular material or product field and be designated Bacteriologist, Dairy (profess. & kin.); Bacteriologist, Fishery (profess. & kin.); Bacteriologist, Food (profess. & kin.); Bacteriologist, Industrial (profess. & kin.); Bacteriologist, Medical (profess. & kin.); Bacteriologist, Pharmaceutical (profess. & kin.); or Bacteriologist, Soil (profess. & kin.))
    • found: O*NET - Occupational Information Network, via WWW, Nov. 17, 2016(Microbiologists. Research or study growth, structure, development, and general characteristics of bacteria and other micro-organisms)
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