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    • Drum players
    • Drummists
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    • found: Work cat.: Joseph, Jonathan and Steve Rucker. Exercises in African-American funk : mangambe, bikutsi, and the shuffle, 2015:p. 5 (The information is presented from my perspective as a jazz drummer who has studied many styles of music over the past forty years.) p. 4 of cover (Born in 1966, Joseph began playing drums in church services at the age of six; was the drummer and musical arranger for pop/R&B singer Joss Stone in 2004 for her Soul Sessions tour; Steve Rucker was a drummer in the popular band the Bee Gees)
    • found: LCSH, Jan. 18, 2017(Drummers (Musicians). UF Drum players. BT Percussionists)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Jan. 18, 2017(drummer 1 : one that plays a drum. 2 : traveling salesman)
    • found: Oxford dictionaries website, Jan. 18, 2017(drummer 1 A person who plays a drum or drums. 2 US informal A traveling sales representative. 3 A deep-bodied marine fish with dark longitudinal stripes, found in shallow coastal waters of Australia. 4 British informal, dated A thief or burglar.)
    • found: Macmillan dictionary online, Jan. 18, 2017(drummer 1. music: someone who plays drums in a band. 2. American, old-fashioned: a traveling salesman)
    • found: Wiktionary, Jan. 18, 2017(drummer ‎(plural drummers): 1. (music) One who plays the drums. 2. (obsolete) travelling salesman. 3. A drumstick (the lower part of a chicken or turkey leg). Synonyms: (musician who plays drums): percussionist, drummist; drummist ‎(plural drummists): A drummer; someone who plays one or more drums)
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