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Film noir

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    • Film noir
  • Variants

    • Cinéma noir
    • Dark crime films
    • Film noirs
    • Films noirs
    • Noir films
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  • Sources

    • found: Armour, R.A. Film, 1980:p. 59 (combines crime and suspense)
    • found: Oxford companion to film, 1976(dark suspenseful thriller; blackness of physique, depiction of corruption and crime)
    • found: Oakey, V. Dict. of films & TV terms, 1983(deal almost exclusively with violence and crime)
    • found: Selby, S. Dark city, 1984:p. 1 (not a genre ... defined by tone and mood)
    • found: Film noir, 1979(film noir; noir films)
    • found: Yee, M.M. Moving image materials : genre terms, 1988(Film noir; BT: Crime films and programs)
    • found: Geduld, H.M. An ill. glossary of film terms, c1973:p. 74 (Cinéma- (or Film-) Noir)
    • found: Singleton, R.S. Filmmaker's dict., c2000(film noir. Dark crime movie, most typically made in the 1940s and 1950s. Often shot in black in white, film noir typically used nighttime and shadowy cinematography, sleazy locations and mean, distrustful characters; film noirs)
    • found: American heritage dict. of the Eng. lang., via WWW, Mar. 18, 2001(film noir. 1. A movie characterized by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, cynical characters. 2. The genre or style of such movies)
    • found: Moving image genre-form guide online, February 11, 2008:(Film noir; related terms: Caper, Crime, Gangster, Mystery, Police, and Thriller)
    • notfound: Web. 3;Random House
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    • 2015-12-24: revised
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