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Action and adventure comics

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    • Action and adventure comics
  • Variants

    • Action-adventure comics
    • Action comics
    • Adventure comics
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  • Sources

    • found: Pawuk, M. Graphic novels : a genre guide to comic books, manga, and more, 2007:p. 135 (Action and adventure; The action and adventure genre in comic books and graphic novels; classic tales of good guys versus bad guys, exotic locations, brave heroes, dastardly villains, and plenty of danger; heroes as rugged adventurers, jungle warriors, cowboys, samurai, spies, fighters, soldiers, and more) pp. 136-192 (subcategories: Prehistoric adventure; Heroic adventure; Adventurers, explorers, and soldiers of fortune; Fists of fury and swords of steel--fighting adventure stories; War stories; Far East adventure--code of the warrior: samurai, ninja, and other Asian influences; Religious heroes; Spies/espionage; Westerns)
    • found: Rothschild, D.A. Graphic novels, 1995:p. 1 (Action/Adventure)
    • found: Vaux, R. How to make an adventure comic, via WWW, Dec. 5, 2012(Adventure comics differ slightly from superhero comics in that they don't usually entail spandex tights and super powers. They're set in a world closer to our own as far as realism goes, featuring characters closer to Indiana Jones than Superman or Spider-Man. Adventure comics still maintain a sense of the epic, however, as their heroes travel to far-flung locales and battle colorful villains in an effort to keep the world safe.)
    • found: List of Userpedia comic genres, via WWW, Dec. 5, 2012(Adventure. Adventure comics are the most popular comics to read on the wiki, but definitely not the most popular to make. Subcategories: Epic: Epic comics are those which are about a journey or a saga of some sort, and are (usually) very long, detailed, and popular)
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    • 2015-05-14: revised
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