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Monodramas (Literature)

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  • Form

    • Monodramas (Literature)
  • Variants

    • Mono-dramas (Literature)
    • Monopolylogues
    • One-man plays
    • One-person plays
    • Solo plays
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Filmed monodramas
    • Monodramas
  • Sources

    • found: Cuddon, J.A. A dictionary of literary terms and literary theory, 1998(monodrama: A theatrical entertainment in which there is only one character; monopolylogue: An entertainment in which one performer plays many parts, as in some forms of monodrama)
    • found: Baldick, C. The Oxford dictionary of literary terms, 2008(monodrama: A play or dramatic scene in which only one character speaks; or a sequence of dramatic monologues all spoken by the same single character. The second sense is rarely used, except of Tennyson's Maud (1855), to which the author attached the subtitle A Monodrama in 1875.)
    • found: Catron, L.E. The power of one : the solo play for playwrights, actors, and directors, c2000:p. 2 (may be a drama or comedy; may be a story of one person or it may involve a number of other characters that the actor evokes in the audience's imagination--but there is only one actor; one-person productions are popular in theatres all over the country) pp. 3-4 (solo plays; one-person dramas; one-person plays; one-person comedies and dramas; one-man play; solo dramas) p. 7 (the solo theatrical form is what some prefer to call the monodrama) p. 15 (the monodrama is a complete work, in contrast to soliloquies, which must be seen in the context of the entire play)
    • found: Britannica online, Oct. 27, 2012(monodrama, a drama acted or designed to be acted by a single person. A number of plays by Samuel Beckett, including Krapp's Last Tape (first performed 1958) and Happy Days (1961), are monodramas. The term may also refer to a dramatic representation of what passes in an individual mind, as well as to a musical drama for a solo performer.)
    • found: The American heritage dictionary of the English language, c2000(monodrama: A dramatic composition written for one performer; adj. monodramatic)
    • found: OCLC, Oct. 27, 2012(titles: A musical mono-drama, The mind's eye; Mono-dramas; Lines to be spoken in The captive : a mono drama; Going it alone : plays by women for solo performers; Solo plays from the repertory of Sydney Thompson; Meaty monologues : the monologues & one-person plays of Jane Shepard; Plays for one person; Troupers & tramps : one-person plays)
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    • 2019-01-24: revised
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