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Aleatory music

  • Musical compositions created by chance methods or that may be performed in random or indeterminate style.

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  • Form

    • Aleatory music
  • Variants

    • Aleatoric music
    • Chance music
    • Indeterminate music (Aleatory music)
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  • Sources

    • found: New Grove(Aleatory: term applied to music whose composition and/or performance is, to a greater or lesser extent, undetermined by the composer; "aleatoric" represents an etymological distortion; x-refs. from Chance, Indeterminacy.
    • found: New Harvard dict. of music(Aleatory music; the term "chance music" is preferred by many composers)
    • found: RILM abstracts(Aleatory music; x-ref from Chance music)
    • found: Ox. dict. of music, 2nd ed.(Aleatory music: synonym for indeterminacy. Indeterminacy: much the same as aleatory, but specifically the principle by which a decision of the performer of a composition replaces a decision of the composer. Chance: see Aleatory)
    • found: New Ox. companion to music(Aleatory: indeterminate. Indeterminate music: music over which the composer has to some degree relinquished control, perhaps by leaving some aspects to chance or to the performer's decision. Chance operations: term introduced by John Cage for techniques which open the compositional process to chance)
    • found: Baker's dict of music(Aleatory music: chance music, either in the compositional process or the performer's realization. Chance operations: the practice, highly developed by Cage, of composing music via chance means, resulting in works devoid of compositional taste or intentions. Indeterminacy: with ref. to composition, denotes a conventional score produced by chance; with ref. to performance, a score which leaves much to be determined by performers)
    • found: Thames and Hudson encyc. of 20th-cent. music(Aleatory: adj. used of music in which the composer deliberately makes room for chance occurrences or choices by performers; normally reserved for 20th-cent. music beginning with Ives. Indeterminacy: term introduced by Cage and preferred by him to aleatory composition. Chance operations: term used by Cage for compositional methods dependent largely on chance)
    • found: Brewer's twentieth-cent. music(Aleatorism: practice of employing an element of chance in the performance of a piece of music; interest in the genre faded somewhat after the 1960s. Indeterminacy: concept introduced by Cage in preference to the term "aleatorism")
    • found: OED(Aleatoric, Aleatory; in 1961 quotation: indeterminate, or aleatoric music)
  • General Notes

    • Musical compositions created by chance methods or that may be performed in random or indeterminate style.
  • Change Notes

    • 2014-12-10: new
    • 2015-12-08: revised
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