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Steampunk music

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    • Steampunk music
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    • found: Work cat.: Abney Park (Musical group). Æther shanties [SR] 2009.
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 31, 2011:Æther Shanties (Æther Shanties is the 10th album by steampunk band Abney Park. It is also their second steampunk themed album.) Steampunk (Steampunk music; range of steampunk musical styles can be heard in the work of various steampunk artists, from the industrial dance/world music of Abney Park, the inventor/singer-songwriter creations of Thomas Truax, the Carnatic influenced music of Sunday Driver, the "industrial hip-hop opera" of Doctor Steel, the darkwave and progressive rock sounds of Vernian Process, the Unextraordinary Gentlemen, the electronic sounds of The Wet-Glass RO, Darcy James Argue's 18-piece big band Secret Society and the musical storytelling of Escape the Clouds. The British-American composer David Bruce's 2010 octet 'Steampunk' was commissioned by Carnegie Hall.") Category: Steampunk music (a subcategory under Science fiction music; lists the following entries: Abney Park (band); Robert Brown (musician); Chap hop; The Clockwork Cabaret; Doctor Steel; Johnny Hollow; The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing; Professor Elemental; Rasputina (band); Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer; Sunday Driver (UK); Tankus the Henge; Unextraordinary Gentlemen; Vernian Process; Chris Vrenna)
    • found: Steampunk music, via website, Aug. 31, 2011(Steampunk is a genre of fiction, art, design, and music which tends to draw from Victoriana and steam-based tech and industrialism with some gothic influences. Some bands, and solo artists like to attribute its aesthetics to their music, either through visual, musical, lyrical, or thematic influences; top artists: Abney Park; Vernian Process; Dr. Steel; Beats Antique; The Clockwork Dolls; The Cog is Dead; The Clockwork Quartet; Unextraordinary Gentlemen)
    • found: Steampunk music, via listal website, Aug. 31, 2011(Abney Park; one of the most well-known bands in the Steampunk genre)
    • found: Rowe, A.R. What is steampunk? A subculture infiltrating films, music, fashion, more, via MTV website, Aug. 31, 2011("And, of course, where would any self-respecting subculture be without its own music? While there's been much debate on the issue, steampunk-related music usually has orchestral characteristics, à la Rasputina, or it could also have a Tom Waits-esque metallic, gritty sound. A lot of steampunk bands offer amalgamations. Groups like the aptly named Vernian Process combine Victorian-themed lyrics with old-world instrumentation recreated on synthesizers to create old-world instrumentation while using Victorian-themed lyrics. 'I [chose the band's name] because of Jules Verne, father of the genre and the process,' the group's Joshua A. Pfeiffer said. 'Vernian Process is like the process of making steampunk music.' ... Abney Park are probably the most visually mainstream band in the genre. With beginnings as a goth act, Abney found their calling as steampunk 'airship pirates,' and are happy with the musical vagueness of that designation. 'You can't really pigeonhole all steampunk as a music genre,' bassist Daniel C. said. 'We can do a Victorian [acoustic] music set or we can do our live [electric] set; two completely different sounds, but the focus is considered steampunk.'")
    • found: Steampunk music, via squidoo website, Aug. 31, 2011("Without having come upon an actual definition of Steampunk music, I will attempt to give my take on it. Steampunk bands are a mixture of types of music, musical instruments and diverse sounds. The music usually has orchestral attributes with a metallic, gritty sound. The bands tend to be an amalgam of synthetic dream foundations with machinery rhythms and classical music. Steampunk has gothic, electronic and industrial influences along with a bit of worldwide adventurer elements. The music can be upbeat and silly, elegant and daring, romantic or clinical, hilarious or serious. The essentials of Steampunk have been around for a long time, however only recently has become part of mainstream culture.")
    • found: Angel, R. Steampunk music?, via GeekMom website, Aug. 31, 2011("There is no steampunk music ... Go listen to the musical tracks of steampunk bands out there: Abney Park, Dr. Steel, The Men that Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, Rasputina, Voltaire, Beware the Other Head of Science, Long-Stride Lizzy, and plenty more. Can you honestly say the music is a new genre? Breaking new ground in tonality, rhythm, arrangement, instrumentation? No. Steampunk is about words, clothing and accessories. And that's why those bands are called steampunk. The lyrics are neo-Victorian, mad-scientist, or about gadgets and gizmos. The band members are dressed in uber-cool steampunky outfits, and their instruments are old-timey or doctored up to look old-timey ... The key to it all is the feeling. Regardless of the musical medium, the bands that call themselves Steampunk are fun and quirky and it reflects in their sound ... If Music is defined by the tonal and rhythmic quality of the sound, then there isn't anything to define the new genre of steampunk. But if Music is more than that, if it's the performance, the lyrics, the atmosphere, as well as the musicality...well, then there is something new going on.")
    • notfound: website, Aug. 31, 2011
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