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Tan singing

  • Musical compositions from the Caribbean that incorporate musical conventions typical of various regions in India.

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  • Form

    • Tan singing
  • Variants

    • Baitaak gana
    • Baithak gāna
    • Classical music (Tan singing)
    • Tān-sangit
    • Tan songs
    • Tent-singing (Tan singing)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 99053448: Manuel, P.L. East Indian music in the West Indies, 2000(tān-singing; term did not come into common usage in Trinidad and Guyana until around the 1960s; continues to be used only in alternation with other terms, including tent-singing (referring to the tents erected at weddings), local-classical music, tān-sangit ("tān-music"), and most commonly of all, classical music; term is not used by the Hindi-speaking Surinamese, who call their corresponding genre baithak gāna ("sitting music"); roots lie in Bhojpuri-speaking region of northern India; one might think the term would imply the singing of tāns (fast melodic runs), but it seems to derive instead from the custom of referring to singers as "Tan Sens," after the legendary Mughal-era singer; "Tan Sen" was corrupted to "Tan Singh," and further to "tān-singer"; although related to amateur folk song genres, it is performed by semi-professional specialists; despite the decline of Hindi, tān-singing remains text-oriented, with most lyrics consisting of devotional verse in standard Hindi, Braj Bhasha, or Urdu; resembles North Indian folk music more than North Indian classical (Hindustani) music, but some of its subgenres have names derived from Hindustani musical forms)
    • found: White, D. Dict. of pop. mus. styles of the world, c1998:under Trinidad & Tobago (tan singing, the singing of old East Indian folk tunes; tan songs, old East Indian folk tunes)
    • found: Garland encyc. of world music, 1998 :v. 2, p. 86 (classical singing (tan) is performed by Asian Indians in Trinidad during their celebrations after wedding rituals, especially the dinner, when hired musicians with beaters (dantal), a dholak, and a harmonium accompany the singing of tan)
    • found: Manuel, P.L. Caribbean currents, 1995(tan singing: Indo-Caribbean "local classical" music; mixture of old folk songs from the Bhojpuri-speaking area of North India, somewhat garbled elements of North Indian classical music, and some features unique to Indo-Caribbean culture, all reinterpreted by local musicians who stress original composition and creation)
    • found: Roving chutney calypso tent, 2007:container (Baitaak gana)
  • General Notes

    • Musical compositions from the Caribbean that incorporate musical conventions typical of various regions in India.
  • Change Notes

    • 2014-12-10: new
    • 2015-12-15: revised
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