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Coming-of-age drama

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    • Coming-of-age drama
  • Variants

    • Bildungsdrama
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Schiller, F. Don Carlos, 1996:t.p. (translated with notes by Hilary Collier Sy-Quia; adapted in verse drama by Peter Oswald)
    • found: Scholl, M. German "Bildungsdrama": Schiller's Don Carlos, Geothe's Torquato Tasso, and Kleist's Prinz Friedrich von Homburg, 1973.
    • found: Scholl, M. The Bildungsdrama of the age of Goethe, 1976:p. 11 (There is a type of drama for which the designation "Bildungsdrama" is appropriate. This drama came into being at the same time as the Bildungsroman, i.e. in the last part of the eighteenth century ... After he had been presented in the Storm and Stress drama in his unrestrained adolescence, the figure of the Young Man began to undergo a maturation process. In the "Bildungsdrama" this process forms the substance of the dramatic plot.) p. 12 (The main distinguishing features between the "Bildungsdrama" and the "Bildungsroman" are concentration of plot, limitation of experience, and the rapidity with which the character growth takes place. As in the novel, the dramatic hero learns primarily from life itself, although there are leadership figures present.)
    • found: Breitkopf, F.D. Faust : ein Bildungsdrama, 2011.
    • found: American Indian Workshop (23rd : 2002 : Dublin, Ireland). Native American performance and representation, 2011:table of contents (Coming-of-age on the rez : William S. Yellow Robe's The independence of Eddie Rose as Native American bildungsdrama / David Krasner)
    • found: Armstead, C.M. Blooming in the whirlwind : a black woman's coming of age drama with incidental music, 1997.
    • notfound: Merriam-Webster online dictionary, Nov. 7, 2016: (Bildungsdrama not found);Collins Dictionary online, Nov. 7, 2016: (Bildungsdrama not found);OED online, Nov. 7, 2016: (Bildungsdrama not found)
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    • 2016-12-13: revised
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