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Mythological poetry

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    • Mythological poetry
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    • us: Mythic poetry
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    • found: Work cat.: Boyd, Arthur and Porter, Peter. Mars, 1988(poetry on the Roman god of war Mars)
    • found: Winter, J. The ballad of Bladud : being a true history in verse of the mythological primordial founder of the city of Bath, 1999.
    • found: The Oxford encyclopedia of British literature, 2006(under Porter, Peter: poet; Australian-born Londoner; Porter's friendship with the artist Arthur Boyd led to four collaborative volumes on figures of myth and their significance: Jonah (1973), The Lady and the Unicorn (1975), Narcissus (1984), and Mars (1988))
    • found: Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics, 1972(under Myth: the older mythic stories have become materials to be embellished, recontextualized, and often reinterpreted by the poet's conscious art; Aeschylus' Oresteia, Virgil's Aeneid, Dante's Commedia, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, and Milton's Paradise Lost, represent in differ­ent perspectives the zenith of literary exploita­tion of mythology; m. in poetry is not to be conceived merely as a narrative structure, but should enter into the very life-blood of the poem--that is, into its very mode of envisaging and formulating its materials; Rilke's reenvisagement of the Christian mythos ("Every angel is ringed with terror"), Yeats's gradual construc­tion of a highly individual but nonetheless powerfully expressive mythology out of the marriage of Ir. folklore with gnostic theosophy, and Eliot's synthesis of anthropology, Christian mysticism, and Gr. and Hindu metaphysics are further outstanding examples of the poetic revitalization of m. and the fresh exploration of the philosophical and religious possibilities of mythic experience through the medium of poetry in our time)
    • found: The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics, ©2012(under Myth: myth in poetry; Artistic and revisionary re-creations of myths, esp. in poetry, from Herder's time on, likewise react to the Enlightenment view; artful mythological allusions have often been indistinguishable from the very substance of a lyric poem, as in Petrarch's sonnets depending on his protracted reference to Laura worshipped as Apollo's sacred tree. R. M. Rilke's sequence Sonnets to Orpheus locates the title character's Sagenkreis in the aesthetic, perceptive, and sensual receptivities that survive, reembody, and hallow Orpheus's existence in the poet's own psyche, despite his living in the age of machines)
    • found: Guild, E.C. Greek mythology in English poetry, 1891(Caption title: A list of poems illustrating Greek mythology in the English poetry of the nineteenth century)
    • found: Stahl, E.L. Hölderlin's 'Friedensfeier' and the structure of mythic poetry, 1967.
    • found: Taylor, A.B. The Ovidian mythological love poem, 1976.
    • found: Adkins, B.J.V. A critical analysis of the erotic, mythological narrative poem, 1589-1598, 1974.
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