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Gift books

  • Illustrated literary miscellanies that were given as gifts in the 19th century.
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  • Form

    • Gift books
  • Variants

    • Annual gift books
    • Annuals (Gift books)
    • Books, Gift
    • Christmas books
    • Giftbooks
    • Keepsakes (Gift books)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: The Magnolia, or, Gift-book of friendship, 1852.
    • found: The annualette : a Christmas and New Year's gift, 1845.
    • found: The youth's diadem : a gift book for all seasons, 1852.
    • found: The newest keepsake for 1840, 1840.
    • found: Sigourney, L.H. The young ladies' offering, or, Gems of prose and poetry, 1848(a gift book)
    • found: Faxon, F.W. Literary annuals and gift books : a bibliography with a descriptive introduction, 1912:p. xiv (The contents consisted of prose--short stories and essays--and selected poetry often with flowery borders about each page. There were illustrations--engravings or colored plates--dignified in the catalogues as embellishments. These numbered anywhere from one to twenty-five or thirty and were either illustrative of the text, or had no connect whatever with the contents.) p. xxi (The literature of the "gift-books" was remarkable for its freedom from the slightest taint of impropriety. There was never a contribution that savored of the lack of refinement. These volumes were intended as gifts ... The list of contributors to the English Annuals included all the foremost writers of the time. ... It was the proper thing to write for these "tokens.") p. xxiii (In the United States much the same course was followed by the "gift-book" publishers)
    • found: Klinefelter, W. A bibliographical check-list of Christmas books, 1937.
    • found: LCSH, Apr. 28, 2017(Gift books. SA subdivision Gift books under individual plants and groups of plants and individual wars, e.g. Corn--Gift books; World War, 1939-1945--Gift books. UF Annual gift books; Annuals (Gift books); Christmas books; Gift-books (Annuals, etc.); Giftbooks; Keepsakes (Books). BT Anthologies; Souvenirs (Keepsakes))
    • found: Genre terms : a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloging, via RBMS controlled vocabularies website, Apr. 28, 2017(Gift books. Scope Note: Use for illustrated literary miscellanies, popular in the 19th century, intended to be given as gifts and often published annually. Used For: Annual gift books; Christmas books. Broader Term: Purpose of work (Gathering term; do not assign). History Note: Prior to 1997 was a NT of "Commemorative works")
    • found: Art & architecture thesaurus online, Apr. 28, 2017(gift books. UF books, gift; annual gift books; annuals (gift books); Christmas books; giftbooks; gift-books. BT document genres - <documents by function>)
    • found: Reitz, J.M. ODLIS : online dictionary for library and information science, viewed Apr. 28, 2017(gift book: An elaborately printed, expensively illustrated, ornately bound book of poetry or prose, usually published annually, popular as a gift item during the early part of the 19th century. Also known as a keepsake. In modern usage, a book purchased as a gift for another person (or persons). Coffee table books are often purchased for this purpose. Also spelled giftbook)
    • found: The ALA glossary of library and information science, 1983(giftbook: An elaborately printed and bound book of prose and poetry, frequently an annual, popular in the earlier part of the 19th century. Synonymous with keepsake)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, Apr. 28, 2017(giftbook 1 : a book intended for giving away. 2 : an illustrated literary miscellany (as of verse, tales, and sketches) in vogue for gift purposes in the second quarter of the 19th century in the U.S. and published annually in ornamental format --called also annual, keepsake)
    • notfound: Thesaurus for graphic materials, via WWW, Apr. 28, 2017
  • General Notes

    • Illustrated literary miscellanies that were given as gifts in the 19th century.
  • Change Notes

    • 2017-04-28: new
    • 2017-07-13: revised
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