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Account books

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    • Account books
  • Variants

    • Accounting journals
    • Accounting ledgers
    • Books of account
    • Journals, Accounting
    • Ledgers, Accounting
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Entrata e uscita di contanti della Fattoria di Capalle, 1786(an account book)
    • found: LCSH, Nov. 1, 2017(Account books. UF Accounting--Books of account; Accounting ledgers; Books of account; Journals (Accounting); Ledgers (Accounting). RT Accounting--Forms; Blank-books; Business records)
    • found: Genre terms : a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloging, via WWW, Nov. 1, 2017(Account books. SN Use for books in which details of financial transactions are recorded. UF Journals (Financial records); Ledgers. BT Record-keeping works. NT Daybooks)
    • found: Reitz, J.M. ODLIS : online dictionary for library and information science, Nov. 1, 2017(account book: A blankbook, ruled or unruled, in which the details of transactions, usually financial, are recorded, often in the form of a ledger with columns tallied at the end of each day, week, month, or year to show the profitability of the enterprise)
    • found: Google, Jan. 8, 2017:(account books: 1,110,000 hits; accounting ledgers: 120,000 hits; account ledgers: 42,200 hits; account journals: 5,980 hits; accounting journals: 152,000 hits; books of account: 571,000 hits)
    • found: Business dictionary online, Jan. 8, 2017:ledger (Collection of an entire group of similar accounts in double-entry bookkeeping. Also called book of final entry, a ledger records classified and summarized financial information from journals (the 'books of first entry') as debits and credits, and shows their current balances) journal (Business diary in which all financial data (taken usually from a journal voucher) pertaining to the day to day business transactions of a firm is recorded using double-entry bookkeeping system) books of account (Journals, ledgers, and other classified records comprising a firm's set of accounts)
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    • 2017-11-01: new
    • 2018-01-30: revised
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