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Verbatim theater

  • Plays in which the primary source for the script is the words of real people as recorded in documentary materials such as interviews, reports, etc.

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    • Verbatim theater
  • Variants

    • Verbatim drama
    • Verbatim plays
    • Verbatim theatre
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Bridgeman, L. There is no word for it, 2011:unnum. prelim. p. (verbatim theatre show; monologues from the trans male community) p. iv (verbatim theatre)
    • found: Michael Billington's A to Z of modern drama, via WWW, Sept. 17, 2018(Verbatim theatre; a way of incorporating the words of real people, as spoken in private interview or public record, into drama; verbatim has even acquired sufficient status to be satirised in Dennis Kelly's Taking Care of Baby, a caustically funny send-up of the genre; verbatim drama; verbatim plays)
    • found: Verbatim, verbatim : contemporary documentary theatre, 2008:introd. (The term "verbatim" refers to the origins of the text spoken in the play. The words of real people are recorded or transcribed by a dramatist during an interview or research process, or are appropriated from existing records such as the transcripts of an official enquiry. They are then edited, arranged or recontextualised to form a dramatic presentation, in which actors take on the characters of the real individuals whose words are being used; verbatim play)
    • found: Drama online website, Sept. 17, 2018(Verbatim theatre; form of documentary theatre which is based on the spoken words of real people. In its strictest form, verbatim theatre-makers use real people's words exclusively, and take this testimony from recorded interviews; There is an overlap between verbatim theatre and documentary theatre, and other kinds of fact-based drama, such as testimonial theatre (in which an individual works with a writer to tell their own story) and tribunal theatre (edited from court transcripts); the first verbatim play was Peter Cheeseman's Fight for Shelton Bar (1974))
    • found: Theatre research in Canada, v. 33, no. 1 (2012):p. 24 (verbatim theatre; verbatim play; verbatim monologues) p. 25 (genre called verbatim drama) p. 28 (Verbatim theatre uses the actual words of people, often in direct first-person address or testimonial style, to raise issues relevant to a particular community and to activate broader social engagement)
    • found: Google search, Sept. 17, 2018(12,500 results for "verbatim play"; 13,800 results for "verbatim plays"; 9,310 results for "verbatim drama"; 6,690 results for "verbatim theater"; 63,800 results for "verbatim theatre")
  • General Notes

    • Plays in which the primary source for the script is the words of real people as recorded in documentary materials such as interviews, reports, etc.
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    • 2018-09-17: new
    • 2018-12-11: revised
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