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Linked stories

  • Collections of stand-alone short stories that interrelate and create a larger whole.

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  • Form

    • Linked stories
  • Variants

    • Composite novels
    • Cycles, Short story
    • Novels-in-stories
    • Short story cycles
    • Short story sequences
    • Story cycles
    • Story sequences
  • Broader Terms

  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Van Winckel, Nance. Boneland : linked stories, 2013:p. 4 of cover (Nance Van Winckel is the author of three collections of linked stories)
    • found: What is a collection of linked stories? Is this a relatively new genre?, via Gotham Writers Workshop website, Sept. 21, 2018(The collection of linked stories goes by many names, including the short story cycle, short story sequence, composite novel, and novel-in-stories. These collections include stories that are complete in that they can each story can stand alone, but when put together they interrelate and create a larger whole; Collections of linked stories don't necessarily always announce themselves in their titles or on their covers. In fact, sometimes they are clearly labeled as novels or the more vague term "a fiction")
    • found: Knight, M. The 10 best interlinked short story collections, via Publishers weekly website, posted Mar 03, 2017, viewed on Sept. 21, 2018(story cycles or collections of linked stories or novels-in-stories; comprised of individual stand-alone short stories, with all the intensity that the form entails, but featuring recurring characters and settings and themes in such a way that the book achieves a kind of aggregate, novelistic force, a collection, in other words, that adds up to something even more potent than the power of its component parts)
    • found: Chung, S. The long and the short of it : linked story collections bridging the divide, via The millions website, posted Jan. 19, 2011, viewed on Sept. 21, 2018(the form we refer to as "linked" stories; sometimes called "story cycles")
    • found: Scott, F. What is a novel-in-stories?, via Writer's digest website, posted Nov. 11, 2008, viewed on Sept. 21, 2018(A novel-in-stories is a book-length collection of short stories that are interconnected. (One of the very first examples of this genre is The Canterbury Tales; a more recent example is The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, by Melissa Bank.) A novel-in-stories overcomes two key challenges for writers: the challenge of writing a novel-length work, and the challenge of publishing a book-length work of unrelated short stories; novels-in-stories)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 21, 2018:Short story cycle (A short story cycle (sometimes referred to as a story sequence or composite novel) is a collection of short stories in which the narratives are specifically composed and arranged with the goal of creating an enhanced or different experience when reading the group as a whole as opposed to its individual parts. Short story cycles are different from novels because the parts that would make up the chapters can all stand alone as a short story, each individually containing a beginning, middle and conclusion.)
  • General Notes

    • Collections of stand-alone short stories that interrelate and create a larger whole.
  • Change Notes

    • 2018-09-21: new
    • 2018-12-11: revised
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