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Space operas (Comics)

  • Large-scale action and adventure comics involving space travel.

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    • Space operas (Comics)
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    • found: Work cat.: Guibert, E. Sardine in outer space, 2006(graphic novel; summary: The adventures of the intrepid Sardine, who travels across the universe meeting cosmic squids, space leeches, talking clouds, and other strange beings)
    • found: Johns, G. Green Lantern. The Sinestro Corps war, 2007(space opera graphic novel)
    • found: Space opera graphic novels, via Comixology website, Jan. 22, 2019(psychedelic, long-haul stories will launch you eyes-first through space, time, and every weird point in between; title listed include: ODY-C; Eternals; Southern Cross; The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane; Valerian; The Incal; Starstruck; Black Science; Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War; Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier; Descender)
    • found: Dalton, L. The top ten space opera comics, via Goomba stomp website, posted Apr. 18, 2017, viewed Jan. 22, 2019(comics are the perfect medium for space opera. Before advances in visual effects, comic books and strips were arguably the best places to experience epic stories of swashbuckling heroes, princesses, and extraterrestrials in galaxies far, far away; visions of war, the future, heroism, and cool stuff blowing up brought to life on the comic book; list includes: Valerian and Laureline; Fourth World Saga; Dreadstar; The Incal; Infinity Gauntlet; Annihilation; Sinestro Corps War; Saga; Starlight; Space Riders)
    • found: Brooke-Rose, C. A rhetoric of the unreal : studies in narrative and structure, especially of the fantastic, 1981:p. 262 ("space-opera" comics)
    • found: Icons of the American comic book : from Captain America to Wonder Woman, ©2013:v. 1, p. 225 (the space-opera comic strip Flash Gordon) v. 1, p. 262 (the first Fantagraphics comic was the magazine-size black-and-white space opera The Flames of Gyro (1979))
    • found: Space and beyond : the frontier theme in science fiction, 2000:pp. 35-37 (space opera; tales involving space flight, set aboard spaceships, stories about spaceships; variety of adventure story; space opera is primarily spaceship fiction, stories featuring spacecraft to a large extent and with the action frequently set on board such spacefaring vessels; the adventure genre that prefigures it is the sea story; space opera is a subgenre of sf; space-travel fiction)
  • General Notes

    • Large-scale action and adventure comics involving space travel.
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    • 2019-01-22: new
    • 2019-04-09: revised
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