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Golden Horde

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  • Variants

    • Bolʹshai͡a Orda
    • Empire of the Golden Horde
    • Golden Horde Khanate
    • Great Horde
    • Khanate of the Golden Horde
    • Kipchak (Khanate)
    • Takht ėli
    • Ulus Dz͡huchy
    • Ulus Juchi
    • Zolota Orda
    • Zolotai͡a Orda
    • Zolotaya Orda
    • Улус Джучи
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    • Sources

      • found: Britannica online, Nov. 5, 2003(Golden Horde; also called Kipchak Khanate; Russian designation for the Ulus Juchi, the western part of the Mongol Empire, which flourished from the mid-13th century to the end of the 14th century
      • found: Col. gaz. of the world, Nov. 5, 2003(Golden Horde, Empire of the; Mongol state comprising most of what is now Russia, given as an appanage to Jenghiz Khan's oldest son, Juchi, and actually conquered and founded in the mid-13th cent. by Juchi's son, Batu Khan; was derived from the Russian designation Zolotaya Orda; empire, also called the Kipchak Khanate, had its capital 1st at Sarai Batu and later at Sarai Berke
      • found: Encyc. Amer., 1999(Golden Horde; modern term for a state that existed from 1223 to about 1400)
      • found: Acad. Amer. encyc, 1997(Golden Horde, Khanate of the; founded 1223; broke up into separate khanates of Astrakhan, Crimea, and Kazan subsequent to 1395)
      • found: The State Hermitage Museum collection highlights Web site, Nov. 5, 2003(Golden Horde Khanate)
      • found: Bolʹshai͡a Orda--Takht ėli, 2010:t.p. (Bolʹshai͡a Orda--Takht ėli)
      • found:, Aug. 26, 2011(The remnant, which became known as the Great Horde, was left with the steppe between the Dnieper and Yaik, the capital Sarai and a claim to represent the tradition of the Golden Horde)
      • found: Zakhidni volodinni͡a Ulusu Dz͡huchy, 2014:title page (Улусу Джучи = Ulusu DЋzЌhuchy) title page verso (Золота Орда = Zolota Orda) page 5 (Улус Джучи = Ulus DЋzЌhuchy)
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