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Lobsang Tubten Jigme Gyatso, 1950-

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    • Gyatso, Lobsang Tubten Jigme, 1950-
    • Arjia Rinpoche, 1950-
    • Rinpoche, Arjia, 1950-
    • A-kya Rin-po-che Blo-bzaṅ-thub-bstan-ʼjigs-med-rgya-mtsho, 1950-
    • Blo-bzaṅ-thub-bstan-ʼjigs-med-rgya-mtsho, A-kya Rin-po-che, 1950-
    • A-kya Rin-po-che VIII, 1950-
    • Ажиа Гэгээн, 1950-
    • Azhia Gėgėėn, 1950-
    • Ажаа Гэгээн, 1950-
    • Azhaa Gėgėėn, 1950-
    • Aja Gegen, 1950-
    • Ajia huo fo, 1950-
    • 阿嘉活佛, 1950-
    • Arjia Rinpoche VIII, 1950-
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  • Sources

    • found: His Surviving the dragon, c2010:t.p. (Arjia Rinpoche) CIP (Arjia Rinpoche [in romanized Tibetan: A-kya Rin-po-che]; Lobsang Tubten Jigme Gyatso [in romanized Tibetan: Blo-bzaṅ-thub-bstan-ʼjigs-med-rgya-mtsho], 1950-) p. 3, etc. (the eighth Arjia Rinpoche (22nd in the extended lineage), Lobsang Tubten Jigme Gyatso; b. 1950; Tibetan Buddhist monk of Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai Sheng near the capital city of Xining (in Tibetan, Siling)
    • found: T︠S︡agiĭg bėlgėdėgch naran chȯlȯȯ, 2009:t.p. (Ажиа Гэгээн = Azhia Gėgėėn) p. 9, etc. (Ажаа Гэгээн = Azhaa Gėgėėn; b. 1950)
    • found: Śasin-u toli, 1996(Aja Gegen [in Mongolian script]; A-kya Rin-po-che; 阿嘉活佛 = Ajia huo fo; Azha Living Buddha; Dge-lugs-pa lineage which is traditionally abbot at Kumbum Monastery [Taer Si] and descended from Tsoṅ-kha-pa's father who was [posthumously] declared to be the 14th incarnation)
    • found: WaBeW files(the numbering of this Arjia/A-kya lineage may vary depending on whether there are 20 or 22 total reincarnations included and whether the first 2 official incarnations listed in "Surviving the dragon" (1st, Tsutrim Jongmi Jung Ni (b. 16th cent.?) and/or 2nd, Sherab Sangbo/Śes-rab-bzaṅ-po (1633-1707) are included with the official incarnations instead of just listed in the extended incarnations; for example: Blo-bzaṅ-bstan-paʼi-rgyal-mtshan (1708-1768), can be found considered as the 1st, 2nd or 3rd; the lineage listed by the current Arjia Rinpoche (b. 1950) should probably be considered authoritative)
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