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Marici (Buddhist deity)

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    • Marichi (Buddhist deity)
    • Mariji (Buddhist deity)
    • Marishi (Buddhist deity)
    • Marishi-ten (Buddhist deity)
    • Marishiten (Buddhist deity)
    • Molizhi (Buddhist deity)
    • Molizhi tian (Buddhist deity)
    • Molizhitian (Buddhist deity)
    • Mo li zhi tian (Buddhist deity)
    • Molizhitian Pusa (Buddhist deity)
    • 摩利支天 (Buddhist deity)
    • 摩利支天菩萨 (Buddhist deity)
    • Molizhitian pu sa (Buddhist deity)
    • Dipper Mother (Buddhist deity)
    • 斗母元君 (Buddhist deity)
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  • Sources

    • found: Hall, David A. The Buddhist goddess Marishiten : a study of the evolution and impact of her cult on the Japanese warrior, 2014(warrior goddess Marici)
    • found: website, July 7, 2013(Marishiten, God/Goddess of prosperity, the warrior class, and entertainers in Japan. Depicted as a male or female warrior. Spellings: Marici, Marishi, Molizhi tian, Molizhitian, Mariji, Marishiten, Marishi-ten. In Japan, deity was treated as a female divinity)
    • found: Wikipedia, November 26, 2013(Marici (Buddhism). In Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Marici is a deva or bodhisattva associated with light and the sun. She is known as Molizhitian (摩利支天 = Molizhitian) or Molizhitian Pusa (摩利支天菩萨 = Molizhitian pu sa) in China and Marishi-ten (摩利支天 = Marishiten) in Japan. She is one of the Twenty (or Twenty Four) Celestials. In Taoism, Marici is known under the epithet of the Dipper Mother (traditional Chinese: 斗母元君))
    • found: Leach, M. Guide to the Gods, 1992:p. 114 (Marici, Marishi: Buddhist goddess of the dawn) p. 254 (Marici, the goddess of the dawn was worshipped by a Buddhist sect)
    • found: Ann, M. Goddesses in world mythology, 1993:p. 118 (Marishi-ten, Japanese Buddhist goddess of light) p. 282 (Marichi, Buddhist dawn goddess)
    • notfound: Keown, D. Dict. of Buddhism, 2003;Encyc. of Buddhism, 2007;Jordan M. Dict. of gods and goddesses, 2004
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