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us: France. Assemblée nationale constituante (1789-1791)

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    • us: France. Assemblée nationale (1789-1791)
    • us: France. National Assembly (1789-1791)
    • us: France. Assemblée constituante (1789-1791)
    • us: France. Constituent Assembly (1789-1791)
    • us: France. Assemblée nationale, constituante & législative (1789-1791)
    • us: France. National Constituent Assembly (1789-1791)
    • us: אספה הלאומית, 9871־1971
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      • found: France. Constitution 1791. Constitution française. 1791.
      • found: France. Collection générale des loix ... juil. 1788-mars 1790: t.p. (Assemblée nationale, constituante & législative)
      • found: GDEL (Assemblée nationale constituante: the Assemblée nationale was proclaimed June 17, 1789 by the Third Estate, then definitely established by delegates of the three estates who on July 9 took the name Assemblée nationale constituante. This sat until Sept. 30, 1791, after which (under Constitution of 1791) it was replaced by the Assemblée législative)
      • found: Tulard, J. Hist. et dict. de la Rév. franç., c1987: p. 540 (Assemblée nationale constituante; reference from Assemblée nationale; the Estates-General met May 5, 1789; they formed themselves into Assemblée nationale June 17, and into Assemblée nationale constituante July 7, 1789; within two months the 3rd Estate had assumed legislative power and taken to itself the right to draft a constitution)
      • found: Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (National Assembly, French Assemblée nationale; name of various historical French parliaments or houses of parliament. From June 17 to July 9, 1789, it was the name of the Revolutionary assembly formed by representatives of the Third Estate; thereafter (until replaced by the Legislative Assembly on Sept. 30, 1791) its formal name was National Constituent Assembly (Assemblée nationale constituante) though popularly--and sometimes even in formal documents--the shorter form persisted)
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