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us: Asia Foundation

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    • us: Ajia Zaidan
    • us: Ya-chou hsieh hui
    • us: Mūnnithi ʻĒchīa
    • us: TAF
    • us: Asian Foundation
    • us: Mūnnithi ʻĀsīa
    • us: Qaṅgkār Mūlnidhi Qāsī́
    • us: Meiguo Ya Zhou ji jin hui
    • us: 亞洲基金會
    • us: Quỹ châu Á
    • us: Bunyād-i Āsiyā
    • us: بنياد آسيا
    • us: Īshiyā Fūndīshan
    • us: ايشيا فونديشن
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  • Sources

    • found: Fu nü tsai kuo chia fa chan kuo chʻeng chung ti chiao se yen tʻao hui (1985 : Taipei, Taiwan). Fu nü tsai ... 1985- : v. 1, t.p. (Ya-chou hsieh hui)
    • found: Banthưk kānmư̄ang Thai, 1987: p. 1, 1st group (Mūnnithi ʻĒchīa)
    • found: NUCMC data from Univ. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign Archives for Yenawine, W.S. Papers, 1929-1972 (Asia Foundation)
    • found: Enc. of org., 1988 (under entry 13717: The Asia Foundation (TAF); San Francisco, Calif.; f. 1954; supported by U.S. government grants and private contributions; to strengthen Asian economic and social development with private American assistance)
    • found: Indonesia di ambang perpecahan?, 1999: t.p. (The Asian Foundation)
    • found: Sētthakit nō̜k kotmāi læ nayōbāi sāthārana ... 1996: t.p. (Mūnnithi ʻĀsīa)
    • found: Ṭaṃṇoer kārkatī nau kanuṅ tulākār Kambujā, 1998: t.p. (Qaṅgkār Mūlnidhi Qāsī́)
    • found: Andai saya rerpilih--, c2002: t.p. (Asia Foundation)
    • found: Ban shi ji geng yun, 2004: t.p. (Meiguo Ya Zhou ji jin hui; also: Asia Foundation)
    • found: Làm việc xa nhà an toàn, 2008: cover (The Asia Foundation, Quỹ châu Á)
    • found: Rahnumūn-i āmūzishī-i ḥuqūq-i zan, 2008?: t.p. (بنياد آسيا = Bunyڶad-i ڶAsiyڶa)
    • found: Afghānistān dar sāl-i 2007, c2007: t.p. verso (ايشيا فونديشن = ڶIshiyڶa Fڶundڶishan)
    • found: Information from 678 field, converted May 6, 2014 (founded 1951)
    • found: Asia Foundation, WWW home page, viewed May 26, 2016 (Asia Foundation) History (In 1954 .. established The Asia Foundation, a private, non-governmental organization devoted to promoting democracy, rule of law, and market-based development in post-war Asia.) San Francisco (founded in San Francisco)
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