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Federation of South Arabia

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    • Ittiḥād al-Janūb al-ʻArabī
    • Federation of the Arab Emirates of the South
    • Federation of Arab Emirates of the South
    • Ittiḥād al-Faydarālī li-Imārāt al-Janūb al-ʻArabīyah
    • Ittiḥād Imārāt al-Janūb al-ʻArabīyah
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    • Sources

      • found: Gt. Brit. Treaties, etc., 1952- (Elizabeth II) Treaty of friendship ... 1959.
      • found: Columbia gaz. of the world, 1998(South Arabia, Federation of; former state (1963-1967) formed by merger of colony of Aden with the Federation of the Emirates of the South; latter was formed Feb. 1959; at first only 6 (of 22) emirates, sultanates and sheikdoms joined; by the end of 1960 there were 10 members; in Jan. 1963 Aden colony joined federation, which was renamed Federation of South Arabia; British forces withdrew in Nov. 1967 and Aden and South Arabia became independent state of South Yemen)
      • found: Wikipedia, 11 Jan. 2017(Federation of South Arabia; formed on 4 April 1962 from 15 protected states of the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South; on 18 January 1963 it was merged with the Crown colony of Aden; abolished when it gained independence along with the Protectorate of South Arabia as the People's Republic of South Yemen on 30 November 1967)
      • found: Wikipedia, 11 Jan. 2017:Aden Protectorate (British protectorate in southern Arabia which evolved in the hinterland of the port of Aden; Aden Colony not included in protectorate; on 11 February 1959, six rulers of states in the Aden Protectorate signed an accord forming the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South; in the next three years, they were joined by nine others and, on 18 January 1963, Aden Colony was merged with the federation creating the new Federation of South Arabia; at the same time, the (mostly eastern) states that had not joined the federation became the Protectorate of South Arabia, thus ending the existence of the Aden Protectorate)
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