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us: Sue, Eugène, 1804-1857

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    • us: Sue, Marie Joseph, 1804-1857
    • us: Si͡u, Evgeniĭ, 1804-1857
    • us: Si͡u, Ezhenʹ, 1804-1857
    • us: Su, Ujen, 1804-1857
    • us: Si, Eiz', 1804-1957
    • us: Sue, Eugeniusz, 1804-1857
    • us: Siw, Ēōzhēn, 1804-1857
    • us: Siw, Ēōžēn, 1804-1857
    • us: Syu, Eyzshen, 1804-1857
    • us: Sū, Ūjīn, 1804-1857
    • us: סו, או׳זין
    • us: סיו, אייזשען
    • us: סיו, אייזשען, 1804־1857
    • us: סיו, אײזשען
    • us: סי, אייזעל
    • us: סי, אייזען, 1804־1857
    • us: סי, אײזען
    • us: سو، اوجين
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      • found: His Histoire de la marine française ... 1835-38.
      • found: Gavarni, P. Gallerei͡a iz 80-i portretov glavnykh di͡eĭstvui͡ushchikh lit͡s, v izvi͡estnom romani͡e Ezheni͡a Si͡u, Stranstvui͡ushchīĭ vi͡echno zhid, 1846.
      • found: His Familya çocukları, 1886 or 1887: t.p. (Ujen Su)
      • found: His ha-Tsofeh be-erets Nod, 1873- : v. 3, t.p. (Eiz' Si) added t.p. (Eugène Sue [in rom])
      • found: Księżna, 1900: t.p. (... Eugeniusza Sue)
      • found: Tʻapʻaṛakan Hreay, 1867: t.p. (Ēōzhēn Siw)
      • found: Geheymnise fun Pariz, 1918?: v. 1, t.p. (Eyzshen Syu)
      • found: BL S&C, 30 Jan. 2006 (Ēōžēn Siw)
      • found: Kitāb rās ṣakhrat al-shayṭān, 1874: t.p. (اوجين سو = ڶUjڶin Sڶu)
      • found: The mysteries of Paris, 2015: CIP t.p.(Eugène Sue) data view ("EUGÈNE SUE was born in 1804 to a doctor in Napoléon's army. Following his disappointing performance as a medical student, he enrolled in the French navy as a surgeon's assistant. Upon his discharge in 1829, he moved to Paris, where he proceeded to write nautical and adventure novels. Sue inherited a large fortune on the death of his father in 1830 but ran through it quickly. He took to the writing of serial novels in newspapers in order to support himself. One of the most widely read novels of the nineteenth century, The Mysteries of Paris first appeared in the conservative Journal des Débats from June 1842 through October 1843. While the novel was met with great popular success, it was perceived by many of Sue's contemporaries to be dangerously socialist in its political agenda. Other novels with controversial themes followed, including the hugely popular The Wandering Jew (1844-45), an anticlerical melodrama. In 1849, Sue began his massive The Mysteries of the People, a fictionalized history of the working classes throughout French history. Sue won election to the National Assembly in 1850 as a Socialist delegate. After speaking out against Louis-Napoléon's coup d'état, he was briefly imprisoned in 1851 and, after his release, went into exile in Annecy, in the French Alps. He died in Annecy in 1857, just after completing The Mysteries of the People, which was immediately banned by the French government")
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      • PQ2446.A1-PQ2446.Z5
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