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Gessner, Conrad, 1516-1565

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  • Variants

    • us: Gesner, Konrad, 1516-1565
    • us: Gessner, Konrad, 1516-1565
    • us: Von Gesner, Konrad, 1516-1565
    • us: Gessner, Cunrat, 1516-1565
    • us: Gesner, Conrad, 1516-1565
    • us: Evonymus, 1516-1565
    • us: Euonymus, 1516-1565
    • us: Euonymus Philiater, 1516-1565
    • us: Philiater, Euonymus, 1516-1565
    • us: Gesnerus, Conrad, 1516-1565
    • us: Gesner, Conradus, 1516-1565
    • us: Gesnerus, Conradus, 1516-1565
    • us: Philiatre, Evonime, 1516-1565
    • us: Philiatrus, Evonymus, 1516-1565
    • us: Gesnerus Philiatrus, Euonymus, 1516-1565
    • us: Philiatrus, Euonymus Gesnerus, 1516-1565
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  • Sources

    • found: LCCN 68-34599: His Thierbuch, 1965(hdg.: Gesner, Konrad, 1516-1565; usage: Cunrat Gessner)
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    • found: Wikipedia, July 31, 2007(Konrad Gessner (Conrad Gessner, Conrad Ge[esszet]ner, Conrad von Gesner, Conradus Gesnerus) (26 March 1516-13 December 1565))
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    • found: Conrad Gessner on the spelling of his name, viewed July 31, 2007(For 250 years, the vernacular spelling of the family name of the polymath Conrad Gessner of Zurich (1516-1565) has been in doubt, owing to an erroneous analogy with the Latin spelling, which does not require a double s)
    • found: Britannica online, July 31, 2007(Conrad Gesner; b. Mar. 26, 1516, Zürich; d. Dec. 13, 1565, Zürich)
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    • found: BnF Web OPAC, July 31, 2007(Gesner, Conrad (1516-1565); variants: Gesner, Konrad (1516-1565); Gesnerus, Conradus (1516-1565); Gessner, Conrad (1516-1565); Gessner, Konrad (1516-1565); Philiatrus, Evonymus (1516-1565) pseudonyme; Philiatre, Evonime (1516-1565) pseudonyme)
    • found: Email from NNU, Nov. 6, 2009(Pyle, C.M. Conrad Gessner on the spelling of his name, Archives of natural history, v. 27, no. 2, 2000: "For 250 years, the vernacular spelling of the family name of the polymath Conrad Gessner of Zurich (1516-1565) has been in doubt, owing to an erroneous analogy with the Latin spelling, which does not require a double s. The history of this error is presented, followed by an examination of Gessner's own usage throughout his life, as it appears in autograph documents and works printed under his direction. Posthumous evidence and evidence from other members of the family and the community are also adduced to demonstrate consistency in the vernacular spelling of Gessner's name ... The secondary question regarding the spelling of Conrad Gessner's first name is not resolvable, because the usage was flexible ... Given the sum of the evidence adduced above, including autograph signatures in German throughout Conrad Gessner's lifetime, and the usage of his family generally, it seems only right to accord Gessner the courtesy of reinstating his own preference")
    • found: Zentralbibliothek Zürich Web OPAC, Feb. 2, 2010(Gessner, Konrad, Arzt, Historiker, Naturforscher, 1516-1565)
    • found: Wikipedia, 21 August 2014(Conrad Gessner (also Konrad Gesner, Conrad Ge[esszet]ner, Conrad von Gesner, Conradus Gesnerus, Conrad Gesner; 26 March 1516-13 December 1565); Swiss naturalist and bibliographer; he was well known as a botanist, physician, and classical linguist; his five-volume Historiae animalium (1551-1558) is considered the beginning of modern zoology; to his contemporaries, he was best known as a botanist; in 1537, obtained professorship of Greek at the newly founded academy of Lausanne, where taught for 3 years; after obtained medical degree (1541), he then settled down to practice medicine in Zürich, where he obtained the post of lecturer of Aristotelean physics at the Carolinum, the precursor of the University of Zürich; after 1554 he became the chief city physician; devoted himself to preparing works on many subjects of different sorts)
    • found: De secretis remedijs liber aut potius thesaurus, 1554:t.p. (Euonymo Gesnero Philiatro authore)
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