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Amman, Jost, 1539-1591

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  • Variants

    • Aman, Jos, 1539-1591
    • Ammann, Jost, 1539-1591
    • Ammon, Jost, 1539-1591
    • Amann, Jost, 1539-1591
    • Amman, Jobst, 1539-1591
    • IA (I. Amman), 1539-1591
    • I. A. (I. Amman), 1539-1591
    • A., I. (I. Amman), 1539-1591
    • Amman, Jodocus, 1539-1591
    • Ammannus, Jodocus, 1539-1591
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  • Sources

    • found: Kunnst und Lehrbüchlein für die anfahenden Jungen, 1971(Jos Aman)
    • found: Schopper, H. De omnibus illiberalibus sive mechanicis artibus, 1574:leaf 20a (IA)
    • found: Wikipedia, German, via WWW, September 29, 2014(Jost Amman; also Jodocus Amman and Jobst Amman; born 1539 in Zurich, Switzerland; died March 1591 in Nuremburg; Swiss-German illustrator, art painter, engraver, xylograph [Formschneider], and author)
    • found: Amman, Jost. Kunstbüchlin, 1599:title page (Jost Ammon) cut on leaf A1 and several others (signed with initials I A or IA)
    • found: Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online, June 28, 2016:artist id _10041216 (article by Kurt Pilz: Ammann, Jost; further names: Ammann, Jost; Amman, Jost; Amman, Justus; Amman, Jos; Ammann, Jobst; Ammann, Jos; Ammon, Jobst; Ammon, Jos; Ammon, Jost; master draughtsman; etcher; graphic artist; glass ornamentation designer; glass artist; wood carver; carver; woodcutter; painter; born Zurich, before June 13, 1639 (baptised on that date); died Nuremberg, before March 17 (buried on that date); took over the Nuremberg workshop of Virgilius Solis after the latter's death, 1562; produced many illustrations for the publisher Sigmund Feyerabend in Frankfurt/Main; in his workshop, he executed the etchings himself, whereas for the numerous woodcuts, as workshop proprietor, he was the principal draftsman and woodcutter [Formschneider], but he usually only produced the preliminary drawing on the woodblock, while individual Formschneider completed the numerous commissions for book illustrations) artist id _20000730 (article from Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon: Amman, Jost; further names: Amman, Jos; Amman, Jobst; Ammon, Jost; Ammon, Jos; Ammon, Jobst; master draughtsman; etcher; form cutter; painter; graphic artist; born Zurich, before June 13, 1639 (baptised on that date); died Nuremberg, March 15, 1591 (buried on March 17); came to Nuremberg in 1561 and acquired citizenship in 1577; his workshop produced some 5,000 woodcuts and etchings, for which he mostly only supplied the designs; for woodcuts, he produced preliminary drawings on woodblocks, which were cut by employees of his workshop; for etchings, he mostly executed the designs himself))
    • found: Pilz, Kurt. "Ammann, Jost" in: Neue Deutsche Biographie 1 (1953), via Deutsche Biographie website, June 28, 2016(Ammann, Jost (Jos, Jobst))
    • found: Thieme-Becker, Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler, v. 1, 1907:pages 410-413 (Amman, Jobst (Jost, Jos), painter and draftsman, woodcutter and etcher; often called a painter and may have been active as a glass painter in his youth, but his principal activitiy was as a draftsman; important as a designer of woodcuts and as an etcher)
    • found: Union List of Artist Names (ULAN), June 28, 2016(Amman, Jost (Swiss illuminator and book designer, 1539-1591, active in Germany))
    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, June 28, 2016(Amman, Jost; variant names: Amman, Horst; Amman, Joducus; Aman, Yōsuto; Amman, Joss; Ammann, Jobst; Amann, Jobst; Aman, Jos.; Amann, Jodocus; Amannus, Jodocus; Ammannus, Jodocus; Amannus, Justus; Amman, J.; I.A.; Amman, Iustus; Amman, Justus; Ammannus, Judocus; Ammann, Jost (NDB); Amman, Jodokus; Amanus, Iodocus; Amman, Jodocus; Amann, Iustus; Amann, Justus; Ammen, Jost; Aman, Jos; Amanus, Jodocus; Amman, Jobst; Amann, Jost; Ammon, Jost; Ammann, Jodocus; Ammann, Jost; life dates: 1539-1591)
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