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us: Hechinger, Fred M.

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    • found: American Institute of International Information. Report on a remnant of Nazi victims, 1948?
    • found: His Fateful choices, 1992: CIP t.p. (Fred M. Hechinger) data sheet (b. 07-07-20) pub. info. (sr. advisor, Carnegie Corp. of New York; grad., New York Univ. and City College; was editor, educ. columnist for New York Times, etc.)
    • found: Contemporary Authors, via WWW, August 27, 2013 (Fred M(ichael) Hechinger (1920-1995); born July 7, 1920 in Nuremberg, Germany; came to the United States in 1937, naturalized citizen, 1943; died November 6, 1995 in Manhattan, NY; journalist, editor, educator, author; Hechinger, who devoted his career to writing about education in a variety of publications, founded the Education Writers Association; following a stint with U.S. Army military intelligence during World War II, he joined the staff of the Overseas News agency as a foreign correspondent; he also was an education and cultural relations consultant to the U.S. military establishment in Germany following the war; Hechinger worked as education writer and editor for periodicals such as the Bridgeport Sunday Herald, Washington Post, Harper's, Parents and the New York Herald Tribune; he joined the staff of the New York Times in 1959 and served as education editor for ten years before becoming a member of its editorial board; leaving the post in 1977, he became president of the New York Times Co. Foundation where he served until his retirement in 1990; he was also president of the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund; beginning in 1991, he served as senior adviser to the Carnegie Corporation; during his career, he also found time to teach at the City University of New York; among his writings are Higher Education in the Nation's Service, An Adventure in Education: Connecticut Points the Way, Teen-Age Tyranny, and Growing Up in America)
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