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Meslier, Jean, 1664-1729

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  • Variants

    • Mellier, Jean, 1664-1729
    • Мелье, Жан, 1664-1729
    • Melʹe, Zhan, 1664-1729
    • Meiliye, 1664-1729
    • Meiliye, Rang, 1664-1729
    • Melier, Jean, 1664-1729
    • Meslier, J., 1664-1729
    • Meslier, curé, 1664-1729
    • Meslie, Dzshan, 1664-1729
    • מעסליע, דזשאן
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) [..1664-06-15]
    • Death Date

        (edtf) [1729-06-27..1729-07-07]
    • Birth Place

        Mazerny (France)
    • Death Place

        Étrépigny (France)
    • Gender

    • Associated Language

    • Field of Activity

        Catholic Church--Clergy
          Philosophy, Modern
        • Occupation

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            • Sources

              • found: Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d'. Superstition in all ages, 1910, via HathiTrust, Feb. 24, 2014:title page (a dying confession by Jean Meslier, a Roman Catholic priest, who at his death left as his "Last will and testament" this now famous manuscript as contained herein, entitled Common sense)
              • found: Meiliye, 1999:t.p. (Meiliye) p. 1, last group (Rang Meiliye; Jean Meslier, 1664-1729)
              • found: Postizhenie frant︠s︡uzskoĭ revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii, 2009:p. 93 (Zhan Melʹe; Melier, Jean)
              • found: L'Evangile de la raison,1775:page iii (in biographical note by Voltaire: "Jean Meslier, curé de Trépigny & de But en Champagne"; born in Mazerni [Mazerny, France]) page vi (died in 1733, aged 55)
              • found: Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d'. Le bon sens puisé dans la nature, ou Idées naturelles opposées aux idées surnaturelles, 1791:title page (par feu J. Meslier, curé d'Etrepigni)
              • found: Meslier, Jean. Le testament de Jean Meslier, 1864, via HathiTrust, Feb. 24, 2014:title page (Jean Meslier, curé d'Étrepigny et de But en Champagne, décédé en 1733) v. 1, page xxxv-xxxvi (Jean Meslier (or Mellier as it is spelled in baptismal records, though he signed his name "Meslier"); born June 15, 1664 (1678, according to Voltaire) in Mazerny; ordained priest in 1688; last document signed by him is dated May 7, 1729, and first signed by his successor is dated Aug. 27, 1729) page xxxviii (Voltaire maintained that Meslier died in 1733, and this date is retained on the title page as the most generally accepted)
              • found: Meslier, Jean. Œuvres complètes de Jean Meslier, 1970-1972:v. 1, page xvii-xx (Jean Meslier, baptized June 15, 1664, in Mazerny; attended seminary of Reims, probably beginning in October 1684; named subdeacon, March 29, 1667 [that is, 1687]; named deacon, April 10, 1688; ordained priest, Dec. 10, 1688; assigned to the parish of Etrépigny (also spelled Estrépigny or Trépigny), Jan. 7, 1689; died there in the summer of 1729; also served as "desservant" or vicar of Balaives) page xxxii (died between June 27, 1729, the date of the last document signed by him, and July 7, date of the inventory of the "succession de défunt Jean Meslier") v. 3, pages 585-587 (Superstition in all ages, first published in 1878 and reprinted in 1910, is a translation of a work by [Paul Henri Thiry, baron d']Holbach that is falsely ascribed to Meslier; first published in 1772 without Meslier's name as "Bon sens, ou Idées naturelles opposées aux idées surnaturelles" and first attributed to Meslier in 1791 under title "Le bon sens puisé dans la nature"; subsequently frequently reprinted as "Le bon sens du curé Meslier" or "Le bon sens du curé J. Meslier"; see also v. 1, pages lxix-lxxii)
              • found: Voltaire. Testament de Jean Meslier / édition critique par Roland Desné (In Voltaire. Works, 1968-, v. 56A, 2001, pages 1-234):page 5 ("Jean Meslier, curé d'Etrépigny et de Balaives"; born in 1664 in Mazerny; died at the beginning of July 1729)
              • found: French Wikipedia, Feb. 21, 2014(Jean Meslier, or Mellier, born June 15, 1664, in Mazerny (Ardennes); priest and philosopher of the French Enlightenment; priest at Étrépigny, where he died at the beginning of summer 1729)
              • found: BnF authorities, Feb. 28, 2014(authorized access point: Meslier, Jean (1664-1729); materialist and atheist philosopher; priest of the diocese of Reims; curé of Étrépigny from 1688)
              • found: Gloyben un vernunfṭ, 1907:t.p. (דזשאן מעסליע = Dzshan Meslie)
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