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us: Bonaparte, François-Charles-Joseph, Herzog von Reichstadt, 1811-1832

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    • us: Bonaparte, Francis-Charles-Joseph, Duke of Reichstadt, 1811-1832
    • us: Bonaparte, François Charles Joseph, Herzog von Reichstadt, called Napoléon II, 1811-1832
    • us: Bonaparte, Franz Joseph Karl, Herzog von Reichstadt, 1811-1832
    • us: King of Rome, 1811-1832
    • us: Napoleon II, King of Rome, 1811-1832
    • us: Napoléon II, roi de Rome, 1811-1832
    • us: Reichstadt, François-Charles-Joseph Bonaparte, duc de, 1811-1832
    • us: Roi de Rome, 1811-1832
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  • Earlier Established Forms

      Bonaparte, François Charles Joseph, Herzog von Reichstadt, called Napoléon II, 1811-1832Bonaparte, François Charles Joseph,Herzog von Reichstadt, called Napoléon II,1811-1832
  • Sources

    • found: Vera, F. Los aguiluchos, 1914?
    • found: Martineau, G. Le roi de Rome, c1982 (subj.) t.p. (roi de Rome) p. 4 of cover (son of Napoleon; became the duc de Reichstadt, after having been Roi de Rome since birth) p. 247 (Napoléon II, roi de Rome, 1811-1832)
    • found: Grande encycl. (Bonaparte, François-Charles-Joseph; dit Napoléon II; b. 3-20-1811, d. 7-22-1832; called "roi de Rome" became duc de Reichstadt, 1818)
    • found: Grand Larousse encycl. (Napoléon II, François Charles Joseph Bonaparte, duc de Reichstadt)
    • found: Encycl. Brit. (Napoleon II, Francis-Charles-Joseph Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt, at birth styled King of Rome)
    • found: [Cartes de visite of explorers and royalty], [between 1860 and 1875] (Napoleon II)
    • found: Wikipedia, January 25, 2016 (Napoleon II; full name Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte; known in the Austrian court as Franz from 1814 onward, Duke of Reichstadt from 1818. By Title III, article 9 of the French Constitution of the time, he was Prince Imperial, but he was also known from birth as the King of Rome, which his father Napoleon I declared was the courtesy title of the heir apparent)
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