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Muhammad, Warith Deen, 1933-2008

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    • us: Mohammed, W. Deen (Warith Deen), 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammad, Deen, 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammad, W. D., 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammad, W. Deen (Warith Deen), 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammad, Wallace Deen, 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammad, Wallace Delaney, 1933-2008
    • us: Muḥammad, Wārit̲h̲uddīn, 1933-2008
    • us: Muhammed, Wallace D., 1933-2008
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  • Sources

    • found: His The man and the woman in Islam, 1976:cover p. 1 (W.D. Muhammad, chief minister of the Nation of Islam)
    • found: WW among Black Americans, 1975-76(Muhammed, Wallace D.; b. Oct. 30, 1933)
    • found: His Prayer and Al-Islām, c1982:t.p. (Imām Wārit̲h̲uddīn Muḥammad)
    • found: His Imam W. Deen Muhammad speaks from Harlem, N.Y., c1984- :v. 1, t.p. (Imam W. Deen Muhammad) introd. (Imam Warith Deen Muhammad) spine (Deen Muhammad)
    • found: Wash. post, May 13, 1985, p. D3(Warith Deen Muhammad; earlier had changed his name from Wallace to Warith)
    • found: His Al-Islam unity & leadership, c1991:t.p. (Imam W. Deen Mohammed)
    • found: New York times WWW site, Sept. 10, 2008(Imam W. Deen Mohammed; b. Wallace Deen Mohammed, 1933, Detroit; took the first name Warith when he became an imam in 1976; d. Tuesday [Sept. 9, 2008], Chicago, aged 74; son of the Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad; renounced the black nationalism of his father's movement to lead a more traditional and racially tolerant form of Islam for black Muslims)
    • found: The American Muslim (TAM) website, Warith Deen Muhammad, posted Oct. 7, 2005, viewed Dec. 20, 2013(W. D. Muhammad; named Wallace Delaney Muhammad at birth; variants Wallace D. Muhammad, Warith Deen Muhammad, Warithuddin Muhammad, W. Deen Mohammed; note, [father] Elijah Muhammad, this son now uses Mohammed); upon succeeding his father in 1975, he began to bring the Nation of Islam closer to American Sunni Islam, renamed his org. the World Community of al-Islam in the West in 1976 and adopted the name Warith Deen Mohammed; two years later, changed the name to American Muslim Mission; resigned as spiritual leader of the American Muslim Mission in 1978; in 1985 he dismantled the leadership council he had set up and each mosque became independent with their own names and leadership, but most remained affiliated to the successor org., the Muslim American Society (MAS) [not found in OCLC], aka the Ministry of W. Deen Mohammed, based in Calumet City, Ill. (not the same group as that based in Falls Church, Va.)
    • found: African American National Biography, accessed March 10, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database:(Muhammad, Warith Deen; Wallace D. Muhammad; clergyperson, Islamic leader; born 30 October 1933 in Detroit, Michigan, United States; son of Elijah Muhammad, the leader of Nation of Islam (NOI); was imprisoned because of his refusal to accept a military draft or a substitute appointment in a hospital (1961-1963); was expelled from the NOI at least three times (between 1964-1974); assumed leadership of the group upon Elijah Muhammad's death (1975); succeeded in converting the heterodox Nation of Islam into a traditional, Sunni membership; opened membership to whites and eliminated the Fruit of Islam (1975); altered the name of the group to the Muslim American Society; changed the name of the major news organ to “Muslim Journal”; decentralized the organization, stepping aside as its leader; became a consultant to Persian states regarding the distribution of monies in the Western hemisphere (1978); gained a seat on the influential Supreme Council of Masjid of the Muslim World League; became the first Muslim to offer prayer as the United States Senate opened its session (1992); died 09 September 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, United States)
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