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us: Cato, Marcus Porcius, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.

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  • Variants

    • us: Cato, Censorius, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Cato, Maior, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Cato, Marcus Porcius, 234-149 B.C.
    • us: Cato, Marcus Porcius, Censorius
    • us: Cato, the Censor, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Cato, the Elder, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Caton, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Kato, Marcus Porcius, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
    • us: Katon, Mark Port͡siĭ, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) -0234
    • Death Date

        (edtf) -0149
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Rome
    • Birth Place

        (naf) Tusculum (Extinct city)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Rome
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Rome
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: Roman Army
    • Gender

    • Associated Language

    • Occupation

        (lcsh) Orators
          (lcsh) Authors
            (lcsh) Statesmen
              (lcsh) Politicians
                (lcsh) Orators
                  (lcsh) Authors
                    (lcsh) Statesmen
                • Earlier Established Forms

                    Cato, Marcus Porcius, 234-149 B.C.Cato, Marcus Porcius,234-149 B.C. Cato, Marcus Porcius, CensoriusCato, Marcus Porcius,Censorius
                • Sources

                  • found: Concordantia in Catonis librum De agri cultura, 1983.
                  • found: Oxf. clas. dict. (Cato, Marcus Porcius; "Censorius"; 234-149 B.C.)
                  • found: Grant. Grk. & Lat. auth. (Cato, Marcus Porcius (the Censor))
                  • found: Ency. Amer. (Cato, Marcus Porcius; 234-149 B.C.; Cato the Censor; Cato the Elder)
                  • found: Ency. Brit. (Cato, Marcus Porcius; 234-149 B.C.; called the Censor)
                  • found: Coll. encyl. (Cato, Marcus Porcius; "the Elder Cato"; "Cato the Censor")
                  • found: His Les origines (fragments), 1986: t.p. (Caton)
                  • found: Catonis disticha. Spanish. La ética de Catón, 2009: p. xxvi (Present day scholars dispute Cato's authorship of Disticha Catonis)
                  • found: Brill's new Pauly online, 24 April 2014 (Marcus Porcius Cato; Cato the Elder; 234-149 BC; politician, author; the best known Roman of the pre-Ciceronian period; born in 234 in Tusculum; fought in the war against Hannibal; quaestor in 204, plebeian aedile in 199, praetor in Sardinia in 198, consul in 195; wrote speeches, didactic writings, and historical writings)
                  • found: Dictionary of African Biography, accessed January 16, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database: (Cato the Elder; Roman military leader, politician, author; born B.C.E. 234 in Tusculum, Italy; elected quaestor (205 BCE); assigned to the army; elected to the office of plebeian aedile (199 BCE); became a praetor, the second highest excutive post in Rome; was governor of Sardinia and Corsica (198 BCE); elected consul (195 BCE); consular governor of Nearer Spain; extended Roman territory in Spain (194 BCE); joined the Roman army and was sent to fight the Seleucid king Antiochus III (191 BCE); was elected censor (184 BCE); served on an embassy to Carthage (153 BCE); wrote the first history of Rome in Latin, entitled Origins; died B.C.E. 149)
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