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us: Paulding, James Kirke, 1778-1860

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  • Variants

    • us: Paulding, J. K. (James Kirke), 1778-1860
    • us: Oudenarde, Nicholas √¶gidius, 1778-1860
    • us: Bull-us, Hector, 1778-1860
    • us: Paulding, James K. (James Kirke), 1778-1860
    • us: Author of "Letters from the South," 1778-1860
    • us: "Letters from the South," Author of, 1778-1860
    • us: Author of "The backwoodsman," 1778-1860
    • us: "Backwoodsman," Author of the, 1778-1860
    • us: Author of The Dutchman's fireside, 1778-1860
    • us: Dutchman's fireside, Author of the, 1778-1860
    • us: Author of John Bull in America, 1778-1860
    • us: John Bull in America, Author of, 1778-1860
    • us: New-England man, 1778-1860
    • us: Amateur, 1778-1860
    • us: Doubtful gentleman, 1778-1860
    • us: One of their constituents, 1778-1860
    • us: Langstaff, Launcelot, 1778-1860
    • us: Bull-a, 1778-1860
    • us: Northern man, 1778-1860
  • Sources

    • found: His Jokeby ... 1813.
    • found: His The Dutchman's fireside, c1900 (James K. Paulding)
    • found: His The Dutchman's fireside, 1831 (by the author of "Letters from the South," "The backwoodsman")
    • found: His Westward Ho!, 1832 (by the author of The Dutchman's fireside)
    • found: The merry tales of the three wise men of Gotham, 1826 (by the author of John Bull in America)
    • found: His A sketch of old England, 1822 (by a New-England man)
    • found: His The new mirror for travellers; and guide to the Springs, 1828: t.p. (an amateur)
    • found: His Tales of the good woman, 1829: t.p. (a doubtful gentleman)
    • found: His Letter on the use and abuse of incorporations, addressed to the delegation from the city of New-York, in the state legislature, 1827: t.p. (One of their constituents)
    • found: His The beauties of Brother Bull-us, 1812: t.p. (Bull-a)
    • found: His Letters from the South, 1835: t.p. (a northern man)
    • found: Irving, W. Salmagundi. First series, 1835: v. 1-2, t.p. (Launcelot Langstaff, esq.) v. 1, pref. (joint production of Washington Irving and James K. Paulding, with ... the late William Irving)
    • found: WwW in Am. (Paulding, James Kirke, author, sec. of navy; b. Aug. 22, 1778; d. Apr. 6, 1860; U.S. Sec. of the Navy under Van Buren, 1838-1841; sent South Sea Exploring Expdn. on its 4-yr. cruise to Ore. coast)
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