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us: Kuttner, Henry

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  • Variants

    • us: Bellin, Edward J.
    • us: Edmonds, Paul, 1915-1958
    • us: Gardner, Noel, 1915-1958
    • us: Hall, James, 1915-1958
    • us: Hammond, Keith, 1915-1958
    • us: Hasting, Hudson
    • us: Horn, Peter, 1915-1958
    • us: Kattner, G. (Genri)
    • us: Kattner, Genri
    • us: Kent, Kelvin
    • us: Kenyon, Robert O.
    • us: Kuttner, H. (Henry)
    • us: Liddell, C. H.
    • us: Maepenn, Hugh
    • us: Maepenn, K. H.
    • us: Morgan, Scott, 1915-1958
    • us: O'Donnell, Lawrence, 1915-1958
    • us: Smith, Woodrow Wilson
    • us: Stoddard, Charles, 1915-1958
    • us: Vance, Jack, 1915-1958
    • us: Каттнер, Г.
  • See Also

    • us: Garth, Will
    • us: Padgett, Lewis
  • Sources

    • found: His The brass ring ... 1946.
    • found: OCLC database, 3-29-96 (hdg.: Kuttner, Henry; usages: Henry Kuttner; Genri Kattner; G. Kattner; H. Kuttner; Lewis Padgett; Will Garth; Jack Vance) (hdg.: Kuttner, Henry, 1914- ; usage: H. Kuttner)
    • found: Contemp. auth., v. 107 (Kuttner, Henry, 1915-1958; Keith Hammond, Hudson Hastings, Kelvin Kent, C.H. Liddell, Laurence O'Donnell [all no publs. in LC database], Lewis Padgett, joint pseuds.; Edward J. Bellin, Paul Edmonds, Noel Gardner, Will Garth, James Hall, Peter Horn, Hugh Maepenn, K.H. Maepenn, Scott Morgan, Woodrow Wilson Smith, Charles Stoddard [all no publs. in LC database], pseuds.)
    • found: Bauer, A. Hawthorne dict. of pseuds., c1971 (Kuttner, Henry, (1914-1958), pseuds.: Will Garth, Lewis Padgett, Jack Vance)
    • found: Twentieth-century science-fiction writers, c1991 (Kuttner, Henry, b. Los Angeles, Calif., 7 April 1915; d. 3 Feb. 1958; also wrote as Lewis Padgett)
    • found: Information from 678 converted Dec. 17, 2014 (1914-1958)
  • LC Classification

    • PS3521.U87
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project.]
    • [Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.]
    • [Jack Vance incorrectly identified as pseud. of Henry Kuttner (Watson, N. Twentieth-century science fiction writers, 3rd ed., c1991). Do not confuse with Jack Vance, 1916-]
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    • 1980-10-20: new
    • 2014-12-17: revised
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