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Soviet Union. Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti

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  • Variants

    • KGB
    • USSR KGB
    • K.G.B.
    • Soviet Union. Gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti, Komitet
    • Soviet Union. Sovet Ministrov. Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti
    • Soviet Union. Comité de sécurité de l'Etat soviétique
    • Soviet Union. Ṿaʻadah le-viṭḥon ha-medinah
    • KA-GKE-BE
    • KGB SSSR
    • ק.ג.ב
    • Soviet Union. Комитет государственной безопасности
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    • Sources

      • found: Anders, K. Murder to order, 1967
      • found: Mondich, M. SMERSH--god v stane vraga, 1984:cover (Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR)
      • found: Bolʹsh. sov. ėnt︠s︡ikl., 3rd ed.(In 1946 was formed the Ministerstvo G. b. SSSR, and in 1954 the Komitet gos. bezopasnosti pri Sov. Min. SSSR)
      • found: Wolton, T. Le KGB en France, c1986:t.p. (KGB) p. 9 (Comité de sécurité de l'Etat soviétique, better known by the acronym KGB)
      • found: Dagoni, N. Be-tsiporne ha-Ḳ.G.B., c1984:p. 10 (Ṿaʻadah le-viṭḥon ha-medinah)
      • found: Drosou, K. Iōsēph Brontski, 1988:t.p. (KA-GKE-BE)
      • found: --Z poroha smerti-- 1991:verso t.p. (KDB) colophon (KGB)
      • found: Vysshee pogranichnoe komandnoe ordena Okti︠a︡brʹskoĭ Revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii Krasnoznamennoe uchilishche KGB SSSR imen F.Ė. Dzerzhinskogo, 1990.
      • found: Russian security services, 1992:p. 1 (USSR KGB was dismantled in Oct. 1991 and several security organs were formed from its various departments. Units of the former USSR KGB eventually helped to create the Ministry of Security of the Russian Federation, the Central Intelligence Service (TSSR) which was reorganized into the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, and the Federal Agency for Government Communitions and Information)
      • notfound: Borce, A. Sinn und Unsinn der Geheimdienste, 1992: p. 28-29 (In May 1991 KGB est. a branch for federal security which by Nov. 1991 was formally named Agentur für Föderal Sicherheit (Agentura federalnoj besopasnosti [AFB]). In Dec. 1991 Gen. Bakatin, separated foreign espionage operations from domestic security and presided over the merger of the MWD (Ministerstwo wnutrennich del) and the KGB to form the shortly-lived Ministerium für Sicherheit und Inneres (Ministerstwo besopasnosti i wnutrennich del [MBWD]). The Russian Parliament dissolved the MBWD and established the Ministerium für Sicherheit der Russischen Föderation (Ministerstwo besopasnosti Rossijskoj Federacii). In Dec. 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, the remaining KGB staff were reorganized into a new agency responsible for foreign espionage, named Zentralen Auslandsnachrichtendienstes (Centralnaja sluschba raswedki [CSR]). Russian Foreign Intelligence Service [AFB], Russian Central Foreign Intelligence Service [CSR]);LC data base, 04-17-96 (Russia (Federation). Federalʹnoe agentstvo pravitelʹstvennoĭ svi︠a︡zi i informat︠s︡ii);Pravitelʹstvo Rossii i federalʹnye organy ispolnitelʹnoĭ vlasti, 1995: p. 91 (Sluzhba vneshnĭ razvedki Rossiĭskoĭ Federat︠s︡ii (SVR Rossii) est. 18 Dec. 1991 on the basis of T︠S︡entralʹnai︠a︡ sluzhba razvedki SSSR, which itself had recently been detached from the KGB SSSR. Status of SVR confirmed by the Zakon RF o vneshneĭ razvedke of 8 July 1992. The sluzhba was temporarily renamed Federalʹnai︠a︡ sluzhba vnezhneĭ razvedki Rossii but this name was rescinded by the edict of 7 Oct. 1992. Ministerstvo bezopasnosti i vnutrennykh del RSFSR (MBVD Rossii) existed from 19 Dec. 1991 to 15 Jan. 1992 was formed on the basis of the abolished MVD SSSR, MVD RSFSR, Mezhrespublikanskai︠a︡ sluzhba bezopasnosti [no publs. in LC data base], and the Agenstvo federalʹnoĭ bezopasnosti RSFSR. 15 Jan. 1992 the MBVD was abolished and the MVD and AFB were separately restored. Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti RSFSR (KGB RSFSR) existed from 5 May 1991 to 26 Nov. 1991. On 15 Dec. 1990 Komitet bezopasnosti RSFSR [no publs. in LC data base] was formed to absorb the functions of KGB SSSR on the territory of the RSFSR, but this decision was never realized. Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po oborone i bezopasnosti existed from 31 Jan. to 5 May 1991. This komitet was created to replace the Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po obshchestvennoĭ bezopasnosti i vzaimodeĭstvii︠u︡ s Ministerstvom oborony SSSR i KGB SSSR. On 5 May 1991 Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po oborone i bezopasnosti was divided to form Goskomitet RSFSR po delam oborony and KGB RSFSR. Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po obshchestvennoĭ bezopasnosti i vzaimodeĭstvii︠u︡ s Ministerstvom oborony SSSR i KGB SSSR existed from 14 July 1990 to 31 Jan. 1991. On 31 Jan. 1991 Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po obshchestvennoĭ bezopasnosti i vzaimodeĭstvii︠u︡ s Ministerstvom oborony SSSR i KGB SSSR was reorganized into the Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po oborone i bezopasnosti);LC data base, 05-31-96 (hdg.: Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet RSFSR po obshchestvennoĭ bezopasnosti i vzaimodeĭstvii︠u︡ s Ministerstvom oborony SSSR i KGB SSSR)
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