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Rhäticus, Georg Joachim, 1514-1576

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    • Rheticus, Georg Joachim, 1514-1576
    • Rheticus, George J. (George Joachim), 1514-1576
    • Rhetikus, Georg Joachim, 1514-1576
    • Rhaeticus, Georgius Joachimus, 1514-1576
    • Retik, Georgiĭ Ioakhim, 1514-1576
    • Retik, Georg Ioakhim, 1514-1576
    • Lauchen, Georg Joachim von, 1514-1576
    • Von Lauchen, Georg Joachim, 1514-1576
    • Laukhen, Georg Ioakhim fon, 1514-1576
    • Fon Laukhen, Georg Ioakhim, 1514-1576
    • De Porris, Georg Joachim, 1514-1576
    • Porris, Georg Joachim de, 1514-1576
    • Rheticus, 1514-1576
    • Retyk, Jerzy Joachim, 1514-1576
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  • Sources

    • found: His Georgii Joachimi Rhetici Narratio prima, 1982:avant-propos (George J. Rheticus) p. 8 (Georg Joachim Rhetikus, 1514-1574)
    • found: Encyc. Brit.(Rhäticus, Latin Rheticus, surname derived from his birthplace, Austrian dist. of Rhaetia. Born Georg Joachim von Lauchen, 2-16-1514; d. 12-5-1576)
    • found: Colliers(under Copernicus, Georg Joachim von Lauchen, called Rheticus)
    • found: Copernicus, N. O vrashchenii︠a︡kh nebesnykh sfer ... 1964:p. 488 (Georgii︠a︡ Ioakhima Retika)
    • found: Sov. ėnt︠s︡ikl. slov., 4th ed., corr. & aug.:p. 1132 (Retik Georg Ioakhim; Georg Ioakhim fon Laukhen; German astronomer and mathematician, pupil and follower of Copernicus)
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 8, 2013:(Georg Joachim Rheticus; Georg Joachim de Porris, also known as Rheticus (16 February 1514 - 4 December 1574), was a mathematician, cartographer, navigational-instrument maker, medical practitioner, and teacher. He is perhaps best known for his trigonometric tables and as Nicolaus Copernicus's sole pupil; Rheticus was born at Feldkirch, in present-day Austria. Both his parents, Georg Iserin and Thomasina de Porris, possessed considerable wealth, his father being the town physician. However, Georg abused the trust of many of his patients, stealing belongings and money from their homes. In 1528 he was convicted and executed for his crimes, and as a result his family was stripped of their surname. The family adopted the mothers maiden name de Porris. Later as a student in Wittenberg Georg Joachim adopted the toponym Rheticus, a form of the Latin name for his home region, Rhaetia, a Roman province that had included parts of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In the matriculation list for the University of Leipzig his family name, de Porris, is translated into German as von Lauchen; died in Kassa, Kingdom of Hungary (in present-day Slovakia)
    • found: Relacja pierwsza z ksiąg O obrotach Mikołaja Kopernika, 2015:t.p. (Jerzy Joachim Retyk)
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