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us: Hemacandra, 1088-1172

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    • us: Hemacandrācārya, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemachandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemacharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Hem Chandracharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Hem-chandra Suri, 1088-1172
    • us: Suri, Hem-chandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemaḱandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Caṅgadeva, 1088-1172
    • us: Somacandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemachandra, Acharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Changadev, 1088-1172
    • us: Somchandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemachandra Suri, Acharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Suri, Hemachandra, Acharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Chandradeva, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemacandra, Acarya, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemacandra Suri, 1088-1172
    • us: Suri, Hemacandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Somachandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemchandra, Acharya, 1088-1172
    • us: Changdeva, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemchandra, 1088-1172
    • us: Hemchandracharya, 1088-1172
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      Hemacandra, Disciple of Devacandra, 1088-1172
  • Sources

    • found: Kalikala sarvajna Hem Chandracharya, 199-: cover, p. 2 (Hem-chandra Suri; accomplished scholar of Shrut (Jain scriptures))
    • found: Hemaḱandra's Abhidhânaḱintâmani, 1847.
    • found: The lives of the Jain Elders, 1998: title page (Hemacandra) page ix (the Jain scholar-monk Hemacandra (1089-1172)) page x (born in November/December 1089 in the town of Dhandukā in Gujarat; birth name Caṅgadeva; when he was 8 years old his parents decided that he should become a Jain monk. They entrusted him to a monk named Devacandra who initiated the boy, giving him the name Somacandra; on being ordained with the rank of Teacher he assumed the name by which he is remembered, Hemacandra)
    • found: Wikipedia, October 28, 2014 (Hemachandra; Acharya Hemachandra was a Jain scholar, poet, and polymath who wrote on grammar, philosophy, prosody, and contemporary history; he was born in Dhandhuka, Gujarat to Chachinga and Pahini on Kartika Sud Purnima (the full moon day of Kartika month) in Modh Bania caste. He was named Changadev; initiated as Jain monk on Magha Sud Chauth (4th day of the bright half of Magha month) and was given new name, Somchandra; At the age of 21, he was ordained as an Acharya of the Svetambara sect of Jainism at Nagar in Rajasthan. He was named Acharya Hemachandra Suri; The dates of birth and death differs according to sources: As per Dundas, (1089-??); As per Datta and Jain World, (1088-1173); As per Gujarat Gazetteers, Volume 18, (1887-1174); As per Indian Merchants and Entrepreneurs, (1089-1173))
    • found: Britannica online, October 28, 2014 (Hemachandra. Alternate titles: Caṇgadeva; Chandradeva; Hemacandra Acarya; Hemacandra Suri; Somachandra. Hemachandra, also called Somachandra, original name Chandradeva (born 1088, Dhandhuka, Gujarat, India--died 1172, Gujarat), teacher of the Shvetambara ("White-Robed") sect of Jainism who gained privileges for his religion from Siddharaja Jayasimha, one of the greatest kings of Gujarat. Eloquent and erudite, Hemachandra also succeeded in converting the next king, Kumarapala, thus firmly entrenching Jainism in Gujarat; When Chandradeva was ordained in 1110, he changed his name to Somachandra; when he was at last considered to have attained the rank of acharya (teacher), he changed his name to Hemachandra; wrote the Arhanniti, a work on politics from a Jain perspective. A prodigious writer, he produced Sanskrit and Prakrit grammars, textbooks on science and practically every branch of Indian philosophy, and several poems, including the Trishashtishalakapurusha-charita ("Deeds of the 63 Illustrious Men"), a Sanskrit epic of the history of the world as understood by Jain teachers. He was also a logician.)
    • found: Acharya Hemachandra, via Jainworld website, October 28, 2014 (Acharya Hemachandra; Acharya Hemchandra was born in 1088 A.D. into the Modha Vanik (merchant) caste, in the town of Dhandhuka, sixty miles from the city Ahmedabad in Gujarat State. Upon the birth the child was named Changdeva; Acharya Devasuri initiated Changdeva into monkshood and named him Somachandra; Acharaya Devasuri made Somachandra an acharya when he was only twenty-one years old. At that time, he was given the name Hemchandra Acharya; Hemchandra; Hemchandracharya; died in 1173 A.D. at the age of eighty-four) {}
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    • PK1428.9.H4
    • PK3794.H46
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