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Hanotaux, Gabriel, 1853-1944

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  • Fuller Name

    • Albert-Auguste-Gabriel
  • Variants

    • Hānūtū, Misyū (Gabriel), 1853-1944
    • Hanotaux, Albert-Auguste-Gabriel, 1853-1944
    • Hanoto, 1853-1944
    • Hanotaux, Gabriel-Albert-Auguste, 1853-1944
    • هانوتو، جابرييل، 1853-1944
    • Hanūtū, Jābrīyīl, 1853-1944
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  • Sources

    • found: His Centenaire de Victor Hugo ... 1902.
    • found: Muḥammad ʻAbduh. Hanotoʼnun hücumuna karşı Şeyh Mehmet Abduhʼnun İslâmî müdafaası, 1915 or 1916.
    • found: Goyau, Georges. Histoire religieuse de la France, 1946:title page (Gabriel Hanotaux de l'Académie française)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 24, 2016(Gabriel Hanotaux; Albert Auguste Gabriel Hanotaux, known as Gabriel Hanotaux (19 November 1853-11 April 1944); French statesman and historian; born at Beaurevoir in the département of Aisne; died Paris, France; in 1886 he was elected deputy for Aisne, but, defeated in 1889, he returned to his diplomatic career, and on 31 May 1894 accepted the offer of Charles Dupuy to be minister of foreign affairs. With one interruption (from 28 October 1895 to 29 April 1896, during the ministry of Leon Bourgeois) he held this portfolio until 14 June 1898; elected a member of the Académie française on 1 April 1897; he served as a delegate for France with the League of Nations and participated in the 1st (15 November-18 December 1920), 2nd (5 September-5 October 1921), 3rd (4-30 September 1922) and 4th Assemblies (3-29 September 1923))
    • found: Britannica online, May 24, 2016(Gabriel Hanotaux; French statesman and historian; also known as: Albert-Auguste-Gabriel Hanotaux; born November 19, 1853, Beaurevoir, France; died April 11, 1944, Paris, France; statesman, diplomat, and historian who directed a major French colonial expansion in Africa and who championed a Franco-Russian alliance that proved important in the events leading to World War I; trained as an archivist-historian, Hanotaux joined the faculty of the École des Hautes Études in Paris in 1880. The same year, he entered the Foreign Ministry as an archivist and rapidly earned a series of advancements. A member of the Chamber of Deputies (1886-89), he was appointed foreign minister in May 1894, a post he held continually for the next four years) -
    • found: Assemblée nationale website, May 24, 2016(Gabriel Hanotaux, 1853-1944; born 19 November 1853 at Beaurevoir (Aisne - France); died 11 April 1944 at Paris (Paris - France); Régime politique: Troisième République - Chambre des députés. Législature: IVe législature. Term of office: 18 April 1886-11 November 1889. Département: Aisne) -
    • found: BnF Catalogue général, viewed May 24, 2016(Hanotaux, Gabriel (1853-1944); variants: Hanotaux, Gabriel-Albert-Auguste (1853-1944); هانوتو, جابرييل (1853-1944) = Hanڶutڶu, Jڶabrڶiyڶil; see also: Testis (1853-1944); Hanno, Georges (1853-1944); used the pseudonyms Georges Hanno and Testis)
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