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us: Sargon I, King of Agade

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    • us: Sargon of Agade
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      • found: Lewis, B. The Sargon legend, c1978 (subj.) p. 1, etc. (Sargon of Agade; sar-ru-GI; šar-ru-ki-in)
      • found: B.M., Dept. of Egypt. & Assyr. Antiqu. A guide to the Babyl. & Assyr. antiqu., 1908 (Sargon I, King of Agade)
      • found: Budge, E. A. W. Babyl. life & hist., 1925 (Sharru-kin (Sargon); Sargon I of Agade; could have ruled 2637-2582 B.C.)
      • found: Encycl. Brit., 1972 (Sargon of Agade, r. ca. 2350-ca. 2300 B.C.)
      • found: Goodspeed, G. S. A hist. of the Babyl. & Assyr., 1902 (Sargon I, King of the City of Agade; cuneiform inscrpt.: Sargon, the powerful king, King of Agade, am I; Sargon I, of Agade)
      • found: King, L. W. Chronicles conc. early Babyl. kings, 1907 (Sargon, King of Agade; šarru-uhîn)
      • found: Pallis, S. A. F. D. The antiqu. of Iraq, 1963 (Sargon of Agade; Sargon I of Agade; fl. 2303 B.C.)
      • found: Smith, S. Early hist. of Assyr., 1928 (Sargon of Agade)
      • found: Winckler, H. Hist. of Babyl. & Assyr., 1907 (Shargani-shar-ali (Sargon I) King of Agade)
      • found: Breasted, J. H. Anc. times, 1944 (Sargon, Semitic chieftain of Akkad, 1st ruler to build powerful nation)
      • found: Jastrow, M. The civil. of Babyl. & Assyr., 1915 (Sargon of Akkad; also called himself interchangeably King of Kish and King of Akkad)
      • found: King, L. W. A hist. of Babyl., 1915 (Sargon of Akkad)
      • found: Oppenheim, A. L. Anc. Mesop., 1964 (Sargon of Akkad, king)
      • found: New cent. cycl. of names (Sargon I, sharru-kenu, or Sharrukin; f. Akkadian kingd.; 1st king in the Old Babyl. period; prob. ca. 2635-ca.2582 B.C.)
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