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us: Alaska

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  • Variants

    • us: Territory of Alaska
    • us: State of Alaska
    • us: Alyaska
    • us: Штат Аляска
    • us: Shtat Ali͡aska
    • us: Аляска
    • us: Ali͡aska
    • us: Aljaška
    • us: Hakʼaz Dineʼé Bikéyah Hahoodzo
    • us: Alaska osariik
    • us: Αλτ̔̈«”αϐ·σκα
    • us: Πολιτετ̔̈«”αε·α της Αλτ̔̈«”αϐ·σκα
    • us: Politeia tēs Alaska
    • us: Estado de Alaska
    • us: Alasko
    • us: Alasca
    • us: Â-lâ-sṳ-̂kâ
    • us: Аляск
    • us: Ali͡ask
    • us: 알래스카 주
    • us: 알래스카주
    • us: 알래스카
    • us: Allaesŭkʻa-ju
    • us: Allaesŭkʻaju
    • us: Allaesŭkʻa
    • us: ʻĀlaka
    • us: Alaasika
    • us: אלסקה
    • us: Alasḳah
    • us: מדינת אלסקה
    • us: Medinat Alasḳah
    • us: Civitas Alascae
    • us: Alaszka
    • us: Алјаска
    • us: アラスカ州
    • us: Arasukashū
    • us: Arasuka-shū
    • us: アラスカ
    • us: Arasuka
    • us: Statul Alaska
    • us: Аљаска
    • us: Estado ng Alaska
    • us: Alaska Eyâleti
    • us: Alyaska Shitati
    • us: אלאסקע
    • us: 阿拉斯加州
    • us: Alasijia zhou
    • us: 阿拉斯加
    • us: Alasijia
    • us: AK
    • us: Russian America
    • us: Русская Америка
    • us: Russkai͡a Amerika
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    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        (aat) States (political divisions)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) United States
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  • Sources

    • found: Alaska. Territorial Board of Budget. Report, 1935/1937: t.p. (Territory of Alaska)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 13, 2010 (Alaska; State of Alaska) Azerbaijani page (Alyaska) Belarusian page (Штат Аляска = Shtat AlЋiЌaska; Аляска = AlЋiЌaska) Czech page (AljaЉska) Navajo page (Hakaz DineЃe BikЃeyah Hahoodzo) Estonian page (Alaska; Alaska osariik) Greek page (Αλτ̔̈«”αϐ·σκα = Alaska; Πολιτετ̔̈«”αε·α της Αλτ̔̈«”αϐ·σκα = Politeia tЅes Alaska) Spanish page (Alaska; Estado de Alaska) Esperanto page (Alasko) Irish page (Alasca) Hakka page (ЄA-lЄa-sṳЄ-kЄa) Kalmyk page (Аляск) Korean page (알래스카 주 = AllaesІuka-ju; 알래스카 = AllaesІuka) Hawaiian page (ЅAlaka) Croatian page (Aljaska) Inuktitut page (Alaasika [in rom.]) Hebrew page (אלסקה = AlasѴkah; מדינת אלסקה = Medinat AlasѴkah) Latin page (Alasca; Civitas Alascae) Latvian page (AѢlaska) Lithuanian page (Aliaska) Hungarian page (Alaszka) Macedonian page (Алјаска = Aljaska) Japanese page (アラスカ州 = ArasukashЅu; アラスカ = Arasuka) Romanian (Alaska; Statul Alaska) Serbian page (Аљаска = Aljaska) Tagalog page (Alaska; Estado ng Alaska) Turkish page (Alaska; Alaska EyЄaleti) Uyghur page (Alyaska Shitati [in rom.]) Yiddish page (אלאסקע) Chinese page (阿拉斯加州 = Alasijia zhou; 阿拉斯加 = Alasijia)
    • found: Polk city directory. Southeast Alaska, AK, May 2002.
    • found: Russian America. Message from the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the House of 19th December last ... 1868, surrogate.
    • found: Wikipedia, Feb. 21, 2014 (Russian America (Russian: Русская Америка, Russkaya Amerika) was the name of Russian colonial possessions in the Americas from 1733 to 1867 that today is the US state of Alaska and settlements farther south in California)
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    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
    • [Includes the old catalog heading: Alaska (Ter.)]
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    • 1979-04-18: new
    • 2015-09-26: revised
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