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us: Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959

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  • Variants

    • us: Laite, Fulanke Laoaide, 1867-1959
    • us: Rāyt, Frānk Lūyd, 1867-1959
    • us: Raĭt, Frank Lloĭd, 1867-1959
    • us: Raito, Furanku Roido, 1867-1959
    • us: Wright, Frank Lincoln, 1867-1959
  • Sources

    • found: His Modern architecture, 1931.
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    • found: Encyc. Amer. (Wright, Frank Lloyd; b. 6/8/1869; d. 4/9/59; Note: year of birth in dispute, Wright himself maintained 1869, his sister 1867)
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    • found: Acad. Amer. encyc. (Wright, Frank Lloyd; b. 6/8/1867; d. 4/9/59)
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    • found: Wikipedia website, viewed Dec. 7, 2011 (Frank Lloyd Wright (born Frank Lincoln Wright, June 8, 1867-April 9, 1959) was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures and completed 500 works; soon after Wright turned 14 his parents separated. [After his parents divorce], Wright changed his middle name from Lincoln to Lloyd in honor of his mother's family, the Lloyd Joneses; b. in Richland Center, Wis.; d. Phoenix, Ariz.)
    • found: Union list of artist names, via WWW, May 8, 2013 (Wright, Frank Lloyd (American architect, 1867-1959); Architect, draftsman, furniture and interior designer and author)
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