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Traven, B.

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  • Fuller Name

    • Bruno
  • Variants

    • us: Becker, Heinrich Otto
    • us: Bek-Gran, Robert
    • us: Croves, Hal
    • us: Feige, Adolf Rudolf
    • us: Feige, Hermann Albert Otto Max
    • us: Feige, Otto
    • us: Gaudet, Fred
    • us: Mareth, Fred
    • us: Marhut, Bruno
    • us: Marut, Red
    • us: Marut, Ret
    • us: Marut, Rex
    • us: Marut, Robert
    • us: Maruth, Fred
    • us: Maurhut, Richard
    • us: Öhly, Goetz
    • us: Raderscheidt, Anton
    • us: Scheider, Wilhelm
    • us: Torice, Jacob
    • us: Torsvan, B. T. (Berick Traven)
    • us: Torsvan, Berick Traven
    • us: Torsvan, T. (Traven)
    • us: Torsvan, Traven
    • us: Torsvan, Traves
    • us: Traven, Bruno
    • us: Wienecke, Albert Otto Max
    • us: Wienecke, Otto
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    • Sources

      • found: His Der Schatz der Sierra Madre, 1927.
      • found: Hetmann, F. Der Mann der sich verbarg, 1983:t.p. (B. Traven) p. 248 (alias Otto Feige; B. Traven b. 2-23-1882 in Schwiebus (Swiebodzinie); according to Mexic. passport b. 5-3-1890 in Chicago; d. 3-26-69)
      • found: His La Rosa blanca, 1940:t.p. (Bruno Traven)
      • found: The man who was B. Traven, 1980: p. 8 (T. Torsvan) p. 39 (Bruno Marhut) p. 56 (Richard Maurhut) p. 64 (Jacob Torice) p. 127 (Berick Traven Torsvan) p. 155 (Traves Torsvan) p. 183 (aliases: Wienecke, Albert Otto Max; Adolf Rudolf Feige) p. 266 (b. as Hermann Albert Otto Max Feige, 2/24/1882)
      • found: The secret of the Sierra Madre, 1980 (uncorr. p. proof): p. 312-316 (b. as Otto Wienecke 2-1882 in Schwiebus; became Otto Feige 5-20-1882 on parents' marriage; 1st record of Ret Marut 1907 as actor in Essen; left Germany 1923; "B. Traven" wrote from Tampico 6-1925; Traven Torsvan on scient. exped. to Chiapas 1926; Death ship by "B.T." pub. 1934; 1st appearance of Hal Croves in Mex. City 1947) p. 317 (other names used by B. Traven: Arnolds, Barker, Traven Torsvan Torsvan, Traven Torsvan Croves, B.T. Torsvan, Rex Marut, Robert Marut, Fred Maruth, Fred Mareth, Red Marut, Richard Maurhut, Kraus, Martinez, Fred Gaudet, Langer, Goetz Öhly, Anton Raderscheidt, Robert Bek-Gran, Arthur Terlelm, Wilhelm Scheider, Heinrich Otto Becker)
      • found: LC files(b. 1890; d. 1969)
    • LC Classification

      • PT3919.T7
    • Change Notes

      • 1979-04-23: new
      • 2013-03-04: revised
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