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us: Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1887-1970

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  • Variants

    • us: Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1888-1970
    • us: Czaczkes, Samuel Joseph, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, S. Y., 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, Shemuʼel Yosef, 1887-1970
    • us: Shamūʼīl Yūsuf ʻAghnūn, 1887-1970
    • us: ʻAghnūn, Shamūʼīl Yūsuf, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, Shay, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, Samuel Joseph, 1887-1970
    • us: Ṭshaṭshḳis, Shemuʼel Yosef, 1887-1970
    • us: ʻAgnon, Shai, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, S. J., 1887-1970
    • us: ʻAjnūn, Shamūʼīl Yūsuf, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnón, Schmuel Iosef, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, Shmuėl Iosef, 1887-1970
    • us: Agnon, Šmuel Josef, 1887-1970
    • us: Агнон, Шмуэл-Йосеф, 1887-1970
    • us: עגנון, שמואל יוסף, 1887-1970
    • us: עגנון, ש"י, 1887-1970
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Agnon, Samuel Joseph, 1887-1970
    • Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1888-1970
  • Sources

    • found: Das Buch von den polnischen Juden, 1916.
    • found: Shemuʼel Yosef ʻAgnon, mivḥar maʼamarim ʻal yetsirato, 1982: t.p. (Shemuʼel Yosef ʻAgnon) p. 533 (b. Shemuʼel Yosef Ṭshaṭshḳis) p. 536 (Shai ʻAgnon)
    • found: Aberbach, D. At the handles of the lock, 1984: t.p. (S.J. Agnon [in sub-title])
    • found: Wahab Allāh, ʻA. al-W. M. al-Istīṭān al-Yahūdī fī al-adab al-Ṣihyūnī, 1982: p. 73 (Shamūʼīl Yūsuf ʻAjnūn, (1888-1970))
    • found: Barylko, J. Schmuel Iosef Agnón, 1974.
    • found: V serdt͡sevine moreĭ, 1981: t.p. (...Shmuėlem Iosefom Agnonom)
    • found: Teine nägu, c1994: t.p. (Šmuel Josef Agnon) t.p. verso (S.Y. Agnon [in Hebrew])
    • found: The parable and its lesson, 2014: ECIP t.p. (S.Y. Agnon) data view (S.Y. Agnon (1888-1970) received the Nobel Prize for literature (together with Nelly Sachs) in 1966. At the time, he was regarded as the greatest modern Hebrew writer.)
    • found: Stanford University Press website, Sept. 27, 2013 (S. Y. Agnon was born in 1888 in Buczacz, Galicia. He emigrated to Palestine in 1908 and lived there for five years before beginning an extended stay in Germany. He returned to Palestine in 1924 and settled permanently in Jerusalem.)
    • found: E-mail correspondence from Dr. Avner Falk, 16 December 2013: body of message (S. Y. Agnon was born S. Y. Czaczkes in Buczacz, Galicia, then in Austria, later in Poland, and now in Ukraine. Rafael Weiser, the S. Y. Agnon Archivist at the National Library of Israel, has published three personal documents in his archive that clearly prove the 1887 birth date: 1. an Austrian certificate of good character issued to Samuel Josef Czaczkes in 1908, signed by the mayor of Buczacz, Mr. Stern, stating that the bearer had been born in 1887. 2. a Polish passport issued to Samuel Josef Czaczkes in 1923 by the Polish consulate in Berlin and showing the birth date of August 8, 1887. 3. a Polish authentication certificate issued in 1929 by the Polish governor of the Tarnopol district, certifying that "Samuel Józef Czaczkes obcenie Agnom [sic] w Palestynie" had been born in Buczacz on August 8, 1887, had been exempted from Polish military service in 1926, and had lost his Polish nationality in 1928. See Rafael Weiser, Mamashut vebidyon babiografia shel Agnon (Reality and Fantasy in Agnon's biography), in Avinoam Barshai, ha-Romanin shel Shai Agnon (The Novels of S. Y. Agnon), Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, The Open University of Israel, 1988, pp. 102-103)
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    • PJ5053.A4
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