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Baj, Enrico, 1924-2003

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  • Sources

    • found: Author's Enrico Baj, 1956.
    • found: Enrico Baj, c1990:p. 91 (b. 10-31-1924 in Milan)
    • found: Grove art online, Nov. 16, 2006(Baj, Enrico; b. Milan, Oct. 31, 1924; d Vergiate, June, 17, 2003)
    • found: Siniscalchi, Maria. Raymond Queneau, Enrico Baj, 1983:p. 5 (artist; contemporary Italian painting) p. 8, etc. (dedicated himself to painting from the age of 14; obtained law degree from Universit√† statale di Milano; first personal exhibition in November 1951; experimented with diverse techniques of painting and collage; foreign exhibitions in London, United States, Europe, above all Paris; promoted the "Movimento nucleare" in 1951; collaborated on numerous avant-garde periodicals; collaborated with other artists and writers, including surrealists; his work often had a satirical and humorous function; in 1976, applied for and obtained official residency in France, but continued with his frequent moves between Milan and Paris)
    • found: The Guardian, 8 July 2003, viewed online 31 July 2014:Obituary: Enrico Baj (Enrico Baj, painter, born October 31 1924; died June 15 2003; Italian artist, who has died age 78; engaged directly with topical issues; avant-garde artist; he cofounded the arte nucleare movement with Sergio Dangelo in 1951, initiating a period of cooperation with leading artists in both Italy and abroad; attracted to pataphysics, the jokey anti-philosophy underlying Alfred Jarry's absurdist writings; particularly close to the pioneers of dada and surrealism; with Man Ray, among others, he founded the Pataphysic Institute of Milan in 1963; had five children from two marriages)
    • found: Oxford art online, 6 August 2014(Baj, Enrico (b. Milan, 31 Oct 1924; d. Vergiate, 17 June 2003); Italian painter, sculptor and collagist; he studied painting at the Accademia di Brera, Milan (1945-8), while also studying law at the university there; in 1951, with Sergio Dangelo, he founded Arte nucleare; role in the development of assemblage; contacts with contemporary artists and with figures associated with Surrealism; criticized the post-war situation and Italian society; from 1972, Baj's critical political stance became more explicit)
    • found: Wikipedia, 31 July 2014(Enrico Baj (October 31, 1924-June 15, 2003 -- June 15 according to the Guardian, June 17 according to; an Italian artist and writer on art; many of his works show an obsession with nuclear war; created collage, prints, sculptures; he was close to the surrealist and dada movements and was later associated with CoBrA; as an author, he has been described as a leading promoter of the avant-garde; he had a long interest in the pseudo-philosophy "pataphysics"; he studied at the Milan University law faculty and the Brera Academy of Art; in 1951 he founded the arte nucleare movement with Sergio Dangelo, which unlike abstract art was overtly political; died in Vergiate, Italy)
    • found: Enrico Baj, 1993:p. 5 (painter) p. 6 (also writer and keen polemicist) p. 205 (together with Queneau, Man Ray, Arturo Schwarz, and the futurist Farfa, founded Institutum Pataphysicum Mediolanense in Milan in 1963) p. 206 (in 1967, from marriage to Roberta Cerini di Castegnate, Enrico Baj's son Angelo born)
    • found: Baj, Arnico. Dizionarietto di sopravvivenza, 1999:t.p. (Arnico Baj) p. 4 of cover (Milan, between 1924 and 1967; loves anagrams and heteronyms; after having dedicated himself to the study of agronomy, for some years he was a castle owner and an expert in furs; wrote Pamphlet contro me stesso (1968); currently working on an immense work on the history of hypocrisy in the West) p. 125 (Movimento Arte nucleare) p. 139 (Patafisica; the most vast and profound of the sciences, explained by Alfred Jarry)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Unable to determine definitively the identity of Arnico Baj (allegedly born between 1924 and 1967). Arnico Baj is very likely to be a pseudonym of Enrico Baj (1924-2003) and might possibly be a joint pseudonym of Enrico Baj and his son Angelo (born 1967).]
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