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us: Bernard Silvestris, active 1136

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  • Variants

    • us: Bernard, de Tours, active 1136
    • us: Bernardo Silvestre, active 1136
    • us: Bernardus Silvestris, active 1136
    • us: Bernardus Sylvester, active 1136
    • us: Silvester, Bernard, active 1136
    • us: Silvestre, Bernardo, active 1136
    • us: Silvestris, Bernardus, active 1136
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    • Occupation

        (lcsh) Poets
          (lcsh) Teachers
            (lcsh) Philosophers
        • Earlier Established Forms

            Bernard Silvestris, fl. 1136
        • Sources

          • found: Bernard de Clairvaux, St. Quatro epistole, 1848
          • found: Tragedie latine del XII e XIII secolo, 1994: p. 7 (Bernardo Silvestre) p. 19 (Bernardus Silvestris)
          • found: New Cath. encyc., 2003 (Bernard Silvestris, Lat. Bernardus Silvestris (Bernard of Tours), poet, philosopher, and teacher; b. ca. 1100, d. ca. 1160)
          • found: DBF (Bernard Silvestris or Bernard de Tours)
          • found: Wikipedia, June 7, 2013 (Bernard Silvestris, also known as Bernardus Silvestris and Bernard Silvester, was a Medieval Platonist philosopher and poet of the 12th century. It is believed that he lived from 1085 to 1178; the only certain date in his life is 1147, when the Cosmographia was supposedly presented to Pope Eugene III. Other sources place the writing of the Cosmographia sometime between 1143 and 1148. It seems likely that he was born in Tours, due to the intimate descriptions of the city and the surrounding area found in the Cosmographia. Later medieval authors also associated him with that city. Wherever he was born, he certainly studied and taught at Tours in the humanities department. He has been often confused with Bernard of Chartres)
        • LC Classification

          • PA8275.B25
        • Editorial Notes

          • [Not the same as: Bernard of Chartres (n 79071075)]
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          • 1979-08-16: new
          • 2015-09-02: revised
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